Dream Interpretation

I woke one morning recently out of one of those weird dreams.  You’ve probably had a similarly strange dream once upon a time.

First I was riding a bus with my husband.  We were trying to get to a carnival but the bus didn’t stop there.  Some guy climbed on, literally climbed over me to get to a seat on the other side!

Next we found ourselves parked on the outskirts of town (whatever town it was) and I found myself sitting high up in the air with no way down.  I’m not sure where I was but it felt like I was perched on the side of a semi trailer, only the trailer was MIA, it was just the frame.  Like I said, weird.

I don’t recall exactly how, but Hubs helped me down and we went inside a building I hadn’t noticed before.  I remember needing to pee but not wanting to use their bathroom.  I seem to recall there was a grocery store across some train tracks and I was making the case for heading over there.

Suddenly I was in a swimming pool but it wasn’t your usual swimming pool.  This one had stone walls, not the smooth concrete or whatever they use these days.  It was dark in the water but somehow I could still see the stone walls.

Someone was telling me that they couldn’t get a more accurate estimate of reaction time and I asked why.

“The monkeys don’t wait for the signal,” came the answer.
“The signal?”  Now I was really confused.  But then I saw this beak sitting on the bottom of the pool. Seriously, a beak.  It was huge … much larger than a normal beak (whatever normal is beak-wise). And I saw myself reach out and press down on it just like I knew what I was doing.  It quacked!  Only a little peep of a quack, barely audible which I figured was due to it being under water.

Movement caught my eye and I saw the monkeys, climbing up the sides of the pool.  I’m not sure how I knew they were monkeys, I couldn’t make out detail in the dark water but you know how you KNOW something in a dream?  I knew they were monkeys.

It was about this time that I realized I too was under water and had been for some time without breathing.  I started to feel panicky about needing air and swam for the surface.  It seemed just out of reach and I kept thinking if I could just take a breath I’d be fine, I’d make it to the top.  But I was afraid and tried to keep holding my breath while kicking toward the surface.  When I finally couldn’t wait any longer and gasped for air I woke up.

Wow.  That last bit doesn’t take a lot of interpretation does it?  Something’s making me feel smothered.  Hmm.