Kangaroo Dundee

As promised, let me tell you about a documentary Hubs and I watched over the weekend – Kangaroo Dundee.  Well, we saw Part 1.  BBC lured us in with cute little joeys and then cut it off after an hour damn it.  Part 2 airs this coming weekend so you know what I’ll be doing. 

Brolga lives in the Australian Outback near Alice Springs where he shares a 90 acre kangaroo sanctuary with a mob of 25 ‘roos.  That’s what you call a group of kangaroos – a mob.  I love learning new stuff!  He rescues joeys orphaned when their mothers are hit by vehicles.  In Part 1 he rescues William from the highway and brings him home.  William, not ready to leave his mother’s pouch, requires 24/7 care and nurturing to survive, even to the point that Brolga snuggles him into bed with him.  Brolga wakes every few hours to prepare milk and feed the orphan.  It was fascinating and touching to watch this lanky 6’7″ Australian become a kangaroo mum. 

Feeding a hungry joey.

Feeding a hungry joey.

With breathtaking cinematography and Brolga’s obvious passion for these lovely creatures, the program mesmerized me.  At one point I turned to Hubs and said, “Can we move to Australia and help him?”  That was before I learned that Brolga lives in a one-room tin shack without running water or bathroom facilities.  See?  That right there is passion!  I’ve hauled my share of water and I could do it again if I had to, but I’d really prefer to have a genuine bathroom. 

Anyway, back to the program.  Using specially designed cameras – and thanks to the kangaroo’s trust in Brolga – the filmmakers were able to capture the progress of a kangaroo embryo as it developed in the pouch.  There are no words to describe it! 

Later, Brolga visits Cynthia and Anne Marie in Alice Springs when William seems lonely and despondent (he did just lose his mama after all).  Cynthia, a retired nurse and Anne Marie, a dog hairdresser preside over a house full of joeys, hopping around in nappies (diapers to us) while they’re nursed back to health.  Cynthia sent Brolga home with two female joeys close in age to William.  Brolga bundles each of the three into their own pillowcase and nestles them close together to sleep near the stove.  The care and feeding, laundry (his joeys don’t wear nappies so he’s constantly washing the pillowcases he carries them around in) and snuggling are tripled.  But it doesn’t phase Brolga.  It’s clear he loves what he is doing. 

If you have access to BBC Two I highly recommend you check it out.  And for more photos visit the Sanctuary’s website linked above. 

You’re welcome!