It was either this or a hysterical rant

Well probably not literally hysterical.  Since it would be written and all.  Not to mention that it took two days to write.  Trust me, this is better than the rant.  Which has been relegated to the drafts folder with a few others, all too inappropriate to post publicly.


(2002; rev’d 11/03)


Hand in hand we haunt the museum,

visiting Manet, Degas, Gauguin;

wandering from paintings to sculpture;

giggling like embarrassed adolescents

at the nudes poised on pedestals.


“Don’t put me on a pedestal,” you said.

“I won’t,” I responded. 

“Pedestals are for perfection,” you added,

“and I’m not perfect.”


“No one is perfect,” I replied.  “Until

someone loves them.”


I think maybe I’ll put you

up on that pedestal after all.