Happy Goof-Off Day!

Did you know March 22nd is International Goof-Off Day?  Me either.  Thank you Jen (of Cakewrecks & Epbot fame) for the head’s up.  And for the thought of those waffles you’re having (pauses to dab at drool). 

I Binged International Goof-Off Day and found a lot of resources to celebrate.  This article lists some fun things to do and even though it’s from 2009 the links still appear good.  Jace Shoemaker-Galloway says Filler is addictive and boy is she right!  Plus it can be a mindless activity or you can strategize a bit.  SimianLogic Studios offers a variety of games in addition to Filler.  ColorTangle is very cool and I scored over 44,000 at Halfsies! 

Well, I’m off to do some real work.  BigLaw doesn’t recognize Goof-Off Day darn it.