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Spring has come to Seattle.  Trees are full of fresh, bright leaves; a variety of flowers (annuals I believe they’re called) are blooming.  I myself have a dozen or so coral tulips struggling to survive the weed-infested flower bed out back.  The sun is shining!  It should be in the 60s this weekend! Woo hoo!

If anyone had told me 16 years ago that I would be excited by temperatures in the 60s I’d have slapped them silly.  Hell, I was born and raised in southern California.  Where if it dropped below 70 we might put on a sweater.  But Spring is finally here even if just around the edges.

The Mariners played their opening game earlier this week.  That’s a sure sign of Spring for a lot of people.  Me?  I don’t even know who won.

Today I wore only a light fleece jacket on my commute.  First time this year, and it’s my very favorite sign of Spring.  No more bundling into a heavy coat and having to carry that sucker home!

So that’s it peeps.  I’m excited about 60s and sunshine and Spring.  And of course I had to share.  I’m a giver that way y’know?

What are you still doing here?

The post is over.  Done.  Finis.

What?  You thought there’d actually be something here about toes?  Just because it was the title?

Hmm, I guess if you won’t go I’ll have to figure something out.

[Rustles in the closet; digs through galoshes, slippers, boots…]

Eureka!  Here we go.


TOES are busting out all over!

TOES are busting out all over!

I think it’s time for a pedicure!  (And I WISH those were my legs! LOL!)




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