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I whined too soon

The Universe loves me again!  We have hot water!


Last night after I’d gone to bed, Hubs started cleaning the kitchen (LOVE that man).  A few minutes and some clattering later, he stuck his head in the bedroom door and announced that it seemed like the water was getting warm again.  All we can figure is he must have pressed a reset button or something.  I’m inclined to take this as a sign that we need to consider (and save up for) replacing the Beast in the near future.  Wait, what?  Did I say Beast?  Oh no, no, NO!  What I meant to say was our lovely and talented water heater has worked hard for so very long that we really should be planning its well-deserved retirement.  Yes, that sounds so much nicer.  (You never know who is listening, and I’m not about to tempt Fate!)

So the things that come in threes?  I guess this time that would be my posts – three days in a row baby!  Which is a record lately.  And that record will probably stand for a long time.  Unless Fate deals us another blow I need to rant about.

Happy weekend everyone!

Two weeks to Emerald City Comicon and counting…

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