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Our Dogs Rock!

Saturday we spent several hours at daughter A’s house because our niece H was visiting from Southern California; it was also an opportunity to spend some time with Mom.  We came back to this:

door jamb

Nice, huh?  To be clear, the door was NOT open when we got home.  The would-be breaker and enterer did not actually break and enter – YAY!  But not for lack of trying apparently.  From the evidence, whoever it was tried to pry open the door. See the small light-colored, almost triangular mark in the upper right side of the photo?  That’s a pry mark according to the nice police officer who came and took the report.

And the door jamb did give way a bit, but fortunately for us the deadbolt held!  It might have only taken another try to get the door open.  However, we believe (I am absolutely certain) that the noise from his prying efforts alerted our dogs, who then proceeded to bark their little heads off (they bark when someone closes a car door in the next driveway).  Between the door not giving way easily and the noisy dogs, the felon-in-the-making decided it wasn’t worth the risk and took off.  YAY again!

The locksmith came yesterday and evaluated the situation and made some recommendations.  Once Hubs picks up the supplies (nice guy that locksmith; he said he could supply the locks, etc., but if we got them ourselves at Lowe’s they wouldn’t cost as much) the locksmith will be back to install everything, including some dealio that will repair the cracked door jamb.  That’s supposed to happen tomorrow morning.

In the meantime, we have something heavy and bulky sitting against the front door – it still locks and the deadbolt works fine; it’s more for peace of mind.

Here are our little rockers:



Thankfully the budding burglar had no idea that they’d probably just lick him to death!


3 thoughts on “Our Dogs Rock!

  1. I didn’t even know you had dogs!! Want 3 more?? They bark when a squirrel farts down the street so your house would be super duper protected… No?? Well glad hearth and home are safe & sound!

  2. Thanks! If we were still out in the country I’d take them in a heartbeat! Unfortunately, the Powers That Be at the senior mobile community we live in have a limit of 2 dogs per customer.

    How’s your move coming?

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