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The Secret of Time Travel

No really.  I discovered the secret of time travel y’all.  You have to be asleep.  Oh wait, asleep and dreaming.  It’s that simple. 

Last night I had the single weirdest dream I can remember in some time.  I was in the past AND the present at the same time.  Strange doesn’t begin to describe it. 

You know how in dreams sometimes you know something but you don’t know how you know it, and you don’t even question that you know it.  I knew it was more than a dozen years ago and my middle daughter had graduated from high school.  (That in itself is odd since she didn’t graduate, but later got her GED.)  Somehow her graduation involved my going to see her father, my ex.  The me that visited though was today’s me.  Not the me of 12+ years ago.  Trust me, there’s a difference.

He was living somewhere different, not a forest or mountain in sight.  There were train tracks in front of his house and at one point a train went by while I was standing there.  A big ass train too, not the little commuter trains like I ride every day.  This was (or seemed  — dream, remember?) bigger than the Amtrak passenger trains I see at the station.  It towered over me and I felt extremely tiny in comparison.

But the seriously bizarre part was the pet I had with me.  I have no idea what this means so if any of you have experience with dream interpretation I’d love to hear what you think.  Y’all, I had a PET SHARK with me!  Really and truly!  And not an aquarium-sized shark either.  It wasn’t clear how I moved the thing around but there it was, lying on the ground outside the ex’s house.  When I was getting ready to leave the ex tried to persuade me to stay.  I mean STAY, if you get my drift.  Curiouser and curioser.  I remember telling him that wasn’t possible, I had to get the shark back home.  He said the shark could stay too.  But I argued that there wasn’t anywhere for the shark to live — no water, while back home the shark had his own cee-ment swimming pool.  And I said it just like that. 

It was at this point that I woke up.  Because it was too early to get up I tried to go back to sleep.  But the dream kept nudging me so I got up and emailed myself a reminder of the high points, hoping that later I would remember enough to write it down and maybe that would get it out of my head. 

Reliving it here has been a little creepy to tell the truth.  

So?  What do you think it means? 

And no, I didn’t eat anything strange, imbibe alcohol or otherwise ingest something hallucinogenic!  But if I have another one like this I’ll definitely be heading for the liquor store.

Happy weekend peeps!

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