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22 point something or other

Saturday we went to our doctor’s office.  Yes, our doctor’s office IS open Saturdays.  Makes it simpler than having to take off early or go into the office late.  Anyway, this past Saturday, Hubs needed to have some blood drawn (which he detests) and I went along as moral support, and because we just like being together.  We’re sappy that way.

While the “vampire” was dealing with Hubs, I tried figuring out the electronic scale.  Turning it on was the easy part.  Numbers kept flashing on it’s little screen on the wall but finally I managed to reset it to zero.  Then I stood on it and waited for the digits to settle.  After making a mental note of the number, I stepped down and turned the scale off.

Then I headed out to the front desk and asked whether someone could pull my file.  Of course they could, and did while wondering what I needed.  I explained I just wanted to know what my weight was when I was last in to see the doc in March.  The doctor who pulled the file brought it over to the desk and held it open so I could see the information.  And when I gleefully told her what I weighed just moments before she beamed back and congratulated me.  Then when I went back to the vampire’s lair to tell Hubs, the vampire high-fived me!

My clothes have fit differently for a long time now – remember my belt rant?  I’ve had to take in the waists on two pairs of work pants and I hate to sew!  I’ve inherited jeans and shirts from daughter K who has lost a bunch of weight too.  When I tried on a pair of slacks that had a smaller size on the tag I held my breath but they fit!  They were a tad snug in the store but a couple of weeks later I tried them again and they were perfect!  So I know I’ve been losing weight.

But I have to say it felt really, really good to see it in actual numbers.  Twenty-two point something pounds!  I’m just rounding it to 22 in conversation though, mainly because I can’t remember the point whatever.


4 thoughts on “22 point something or other

  1. Mazel Tov! I need to get to work, myself; this dang colder weather keeps making everything taste better. I’ve always said I should be a bear, because I always want to eat more and hibernate!

    • Thanks! That’s one of the few reasons to like winter … it gives me an excuse to hibernate! Fingers crossed that I don’t use hibernating as an excuse to put those pounds back on! 🙂

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