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Naked Cupcakes!

If you’re a regular reader you probably saw my last post about fundraising done right.  The United Way campaign is winding down today – the finale will begin with ping pong finals, karaoke and the silent auction.  Not to mention the live band!

Speaking of the silent auction, someone donated SIX MONTHS PARKING in our building y’all!  Do you have any idea how much it costs to park in downtown Seattle?!  It’s worth more than $2,000!  Some anonymous someone is very, very generous because they donated this prize TWICE!  Or it’s possible two very generous people donated the same gift individually.

My focus this week has been avoiding the Zombies and knocking Floor 31 off their throne!  Wait…I guess you need some backstory for that part.

For at least the last two years Floor 31 has won the coin challenge portion of the UW fundraising.  That means they’ve collected more money in coins, etc. than any other floor.  This year we were less than $2 behind them when the stats came out Wednesday.  Less than $2!  There was no way I could resist that challenge.

I emailed my floor and said are we going to let them win again!?  Then we put up for our own silent auction a couple of gift cards and a giant Halloween cookie.  As of today we have almost $63 in bids!

The funny part though is when I sent out that Floor 27 email yesterday it went to someone who used to be on our floor, but is now on Floor 31.  Can we say awkward?  C replied all and pointed out that she was still on our floor’s email list and finished up with “GAME ON!”  Was I intimidated?  Not on your life!  I too replied all with only two words, “Bring it!”

Last night I was up till almost 10:30 baking cupcakes to bring to the office.  Suggested donations of $1 are currently being accepted for said cupcakes.  And yes, they are naked, see:


I emailed the floor with the subject line: “For mature audiences only” and proceeded to do my RAH, RAH, SISBOOMBA thing; telling everyone to come have a naked cupcake.  But also offering this in case the classic cupcake lovers wanted some:


So, German Chocolate cupcakes with Coconut-Pecan icing — Yum!

There’s already more than $30 in the donation glass!  I think we have a chance!

Or it’s completely possible I’m just being cheeky.  What do you think?


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