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So this happened yesterday

I went out at lunch – no that is not the headline-worthy event, though I’ll be the first to admit it IS unusual.  I’ve been meaning to shop for decent, comfortable work shoes (interpretation: expensive).  Down the street from my office is a shopping center with a Romax shoe store so I went to browse.  I had intended to visit The Walking Company store because I’d viewed them online and done some research there but when I got off the bus (what?  It’s SEVERAL CITY BLOCKS from my office!) I was just across the plaza from Romax so I stopped there figuring I could always hit The Walking Company on the way back.

While I was sashaying around inside trying on shoes, the coolest thing I’ve seen in the city caught my eye out the store window:

Chess 1

No, not the guy’s ass.  Though now that I’m paying attention, it isn’t bad, is it?  But I digress.  How cool is that chess set?!  We’ve all seen the people playing chess in the park right?  At least I’ve seen it on television and in movies.  I have never seen people playing giant chess.  Now I get it, I do.  Chess isn’t all that exciting a game.  But tell me it isn’t cool when it’s played like this?  By hot guys?  I almost wished I’d brought my lunch so I could stay to see who won.

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