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Does anyone else do this?

Most of my readers (I think I have 4 who stop by occasionally) are also blogging with WordPress.  When I check my blog in the morning WordPress opens to my reader page where any new posts will appear from the blogs I “follow”.  This morning I was greeted with a photo of Baby Gus (Grammy’s newest grandbaby).  It was a great beginning to my day.  Not only because Gus is a cutie, but because a post from my pal Grammy is almost always going to make me smile.

Then I’ll scroll down to see some of my other internet friends:  CJ of awesomesauciness, Ghostie from Ghostcat Chronicles, Denise of RJ Keith, and Katherine from I’m begging my mother not to read this blog, plus a few new ones I just started reading.  A few of the blogs I follow aren’t on WordPress (waving to Dana and Mayor Gia and Jen [even though Jen doesn’t read my blog; probably doesn’t know I’m alive – gulp, sob!]).  I’m not talking about those posts since they do not show up on my Reader page.

So here’s what I’m wondering – do any of you who blog on WordPress scan your Reader page, see something that looks cool or interesting and think, “So and So will really like this when she sees it!”  But you don’t send them the post.  Not because you don’t want to share it, but because you think that the bloggers you follow, the ones showing up on your Reader page, can actually SEE your reader page too!

Or is that only me?



Well, have a happy weekend anyway.  Y’all rock!


7 thoughts on “Does anyone else do this?

  1. Not me! Yours is the only blog I read faithfully these days and since I subscribe to It I get a nifty email telling me to pop on over here & see what you’re up to!

  2. I wish I could check daily or twice daily but after work, I am sometimes in a line at the library to get on a computer to blog! I do enjoy seeing new babies, puppies, kitties or funny stories. I enjoy several actors who are sexy and enjoy seeing stories about them, also! (referring to another post you recently wrote!) Take care, thanks for reading my posts!

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