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Wisdom from the younger generation. Sometimes they ARE smarter than grown-ups!


I like to take one word and sometimes define it. Other times, I really like to

hear how others interpret the word. I enjoyed thoroughly reading my dear

young grandkids a story and asking them, “What does trust mean to you?”

I also have a compilation of the same question I asked my first year of

teaching sixth grade Language Arts in a little sweet school in Grand Rapids,

Ohio. This was about a twenty minute drive for me from my newlywed

apartment in Bowling Green, Ohio. I was usually traveling with a wonderful

sixth grade teacher, named Linda Root. I will never forget her grace, courage

and laughter that held me together through my first year of teaching that

ended up my first full term pregnancy, also!

Here are six versions of the word “trust” from my grandchildren, ages 9

years old, 8 years old,  a 7 year old, two 4 years old and…

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