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And the hits just keep on comin’

This is the email I received today from daughter A:

“So…..The first 2 weeks of October is big for D & I. Today is our anniversary, and next week is his birthday. And my Mom’s birthday is this Saturday. So, I was thinking of combining them all next Saturday after N’s soccer game. Either do something here or go somewhere. You guys in? Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?”

I have a suggestion for her.  Too bad I can’t actually share it.

Here’s the response that tried to happen when I read this:

“A, you know I love you right?  I mean, I really love you.  Like I love all my other daughters, I love you.  But seriously?  What makes you think that I (not to mention your father) would want to celebrate your mom’s birthday?  Remember her?  The woman who packed up and left him in the middle of the night while he was at work?  Celebrate her birthday?  Not in this lifetime!”

Okay, so that wasn’t exactly what went through my head.  It was much worse!  This is probably more along the lines of what would be appropriate:

“A, you know I love you right?  I really love you.  But I just have to say this.  I have no desire to celebrate your mother’s birthday.  I know she’s your mother and you love her; I have no problem with that.  But it hurts your dad to have to spend time with her after the way she treated him, and that hurts me.”

But I won’t send that either.  I’ll just grin and bear it and try to at least be civil.

S I G H.

4 thoughts on “And the hits just keep on comin’

  1. did I remember to tell you that I nominated you for a trio of awards on my post, “Where Do You Meet Your Friends and Neighbors?” I listed you with only 14 other people for the favorite posts I read! Congratulations of the awards!

  2. Having to be all diplomatic & stuff is some B.S. huh?? I suck at it! I know you’ll do whatever is necessary to keep the peace, because you are a GOOD person. However, I highly recommend carrying a flask in your purse… LOVE YOU

    • Way ahead of you darling! I plan to take a six pack at the very least…unless of course they opt to take this party out somewhere. Then I’m going to get very friendly with the bartender! Love you too, thank you!

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