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Bleeping Belt Loops!

It started slowly; so slowly I thought it was just the fabric stretching out as it aged.  But it kept going or growing, I guess I should say.  For several weeks now I’ve noticed that my work slacks (the two go-to pair I love best) growing!  At first it was just kind of interesting.  They seemed to go back to “normal” after being laundered, sort of like the newer blue jeans with stretch?  You wear them once, maybe twice and the waistband stretches out so they’re baggy around your waist?  That’s kind of how my work slacks were behaving.

Then came the day when they didn’t return to what I consider normal.  The waist bands on these babies always sag and bag now dang it.  The black pair is my favorite but I spent most of yesterday hiking them up!  I’m wearing the gray pair today.  Last time I wore them I tried wearing a belt with them.  Bleeping belt loops are worthless!  Hubs says they were designed for fashion not function, and he is so right.

Rounder women need belt loops that keep the belt in place Designers!  [Warning! Tangent alert:  There was one line of jeans that had functional belt loops, I think it was Lee’s women’s jeans but don’t quote me on that.  I haven’t bought new jeans in over a year so I haven’t been following design trends.]

Back to function over fashion.  I have a waistline.  A real waistline, with hips that are bigger than my waist.  When I wear a belt that is improperly supported by dysfunctional belt loops, the belt rides up and cuts into me.  This is not acceptable Designers!

So, I’m wearing the gray slacks today sans belt, plus safety-pin.  I folded over about two inches of fabric at the waistline, fastened it with a safety-pin and wah-la, my pants don’t fall down!  It looks a little funny under my blouse; kind of bumpy and bulky, but that’s a small price to pay for keeping my pants on!

Now…if we could just get all those young men out there to use safety-pins!



4 thoughts on “Bleeping Belt Loops!

  1. Boooo! I had to get rid of a favourite pair of my pants for that reason! All designers care about are those Twiggy girls. Or the manikins. I thing Twiggy might have more of a body these days.

  2. I hate the fact you have to launder to keep clothes in shape! I find I can get away with wearing jeans twice but definitely some fabrics stretch out and don’t look too well after one washing.

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