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It’s like crack

Seriously, I have a new addiction:  The Meta Picture.

OMG people, how have I gone this long on the web and never seen this before!?  Some folks adore Pinterest; others Facebook abso-freakin-lutely everywhere.  And I think Youtube is still extremely huge, isn’t it?  I never had much interest in Pinterest (see what I did there?) and I cancelled my Facebook account some time ago.  I do occasionally visit Youtube, but it’s usually via a link from another site.

Now I’ve found my go-to website and I’m not even sure how I originally landed onit.  I think it was linked to on a blog I follow, but since I follow a LOT of blogs who knows which one?  THANK YOU whoever you are!  Now I spend all day (okay, parts of the day) checking to see what new posts are up there.  This is one of my favorites:

Golden Girls drink menu

Then there’s this cool shi…uh, stuff:

Amazing paper art by Peter Callesen…

Not to mention this page:

One of the coolest fountains I’ve ever seen…


Unfortunately, this awesomeness causes me all sorts of grief.  I have the page saved to my desktop so I can pop over there to grab a smile when I have a moment between tasks.  The problem begins when I get to the bottom of the first page.  There are NINE more pages!  I can’t just ignore those pages can I?  What if some cool new post is in there somewhere?  So I end up hitting Next over and over and over.  Then an email will pop up and one of my attorneys will ask where that report is they needed half an hour ago.  Wait…what?  I’ve been hitting Next for an hour and a half?!

You see my problem.  It’s just like crack!

But I can stop.  No really, I can stop whenever I want.

Maybe after one more page…




Disclaimer:  Like all interactive sites there are some idiots who post garbage I wouldn’t waste my time on, but mostly that type of post is infrequent.  Just be forewarned.

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