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Fare thee well

I survived the trifecta of family time!  (For those of you who missed the earlier post, we had family obligations three weekends running, the third or which ended Sunday.)  Phew!

Family drama aside, I got some sad news today.  Well, not “death of a loved one” sad.  Or “world tragedy” sad.  But sad all the same.

The news itself arrived yesterday by office email and unfortunately the meeting today confirmed there’s nothing to be done.

The firm, in its questionable wisdom, has decided to do away with local word processing staff.  All “document services” tasks will now be centralized in an east coast office.  Effective Monday we will no longer be able to walk down the hall and chat with the wonderful people who save our collective butts regularly.  😦

Of course it wasn’t just our office; others with their own local WP people will lose them too.  But ours were the best, damn it!  And they were our friends.

In an effort to channel some of the frustration and anger this announcement raised, I started a reply to the Office Administrator, who sent the email.  Then I got a brainstorm and emailed all the secretaries in our office and asked whether they wanted to add to the email.  In the end, the email was about two pages long and included excellent comments from several secretaries.  I knew others had already called and spoken to or left messages for the OA as well.

While I was still compiling the emailed comments into a reply, the OA sent another email inviting all the secretaries to join her and the managing partner for a meeting today to discuss the change.

Today’s meeting was instructive, helpful and ultimately disappointing.  This is how it will be.  MP stated if he could change it, he would.  But since he can’t, we all need to figure out how to make the new system work for us.

There was much back and forth among the participants; a lot of grousing; some positive feedback too.  In my opinion, the worst part of the meeting was the secretary in the row in front of me who kept interrupting and/or talking over other people!  I came away from the meeting feeling not necessarily better about it, but resigned – this is how it’s going to be.  As I explained in a subsequent email, they’d given me something to think about, and while I’m still unhappy about losing friends, I will try to adopt a positive attitude toward the change (which is not at all in my character!).

It should be interesting to see how this develops.

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