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Days 2 through 4

Day one kicked my ass, so Days two through four were spent recuperating.  I guess the personal trainer at the Y was a little optimistic and so was I.  I’d have gone back today but I had to bring a birthday cake in to the office.  A cake that requires refrigeration.  With all of the Y’s amenities you’d think they’d offer a fridge, but no.  So I’ll get back on the horse come Monday.


Have a fabulous weekend peeps!

Sending good baby birthing vibes to Guam!!

2 thoughts on “Days 2 through 4

  1. Yay you for getting a personal trainer, Bubbe!

    I hope your knee is feeling better. It really sucks to be in pain. And it sucks even more when it’s on top of a bunch of other crap.

    Sorry I’ve been “mia”. I’ve been up to my eyes in “busy”. And it sucks. I won’t get into it here and pollute your comment section. I’ll send ya an email.

    Keep your chin up and hang in there!


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