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My luck couldn’t hold damn it.  I had two or three lovely weekends just lazing about, resting the injured leg, and I was so looking forward to another.  But it is not to be.  Sister-In-law has initiated a family gathering at the married daughter’s house tomorrow.  That in itself isn’t a big deal – hell, it’s only one afternoon out of my life and a fraction of the weekend.  The downside is that it’s only the beginning.  😦

Tomorrow we’ll get together for lunch or whatever for a few hours.  Then next weekend we get back together to celebrate the grandbaby’s 1st birthday.  Both times we’ll have to share air with The Ex.  Not to mention the snotty BIL and demeaning son-in-law.  And in two weeks the SIL from North Carolina will be here.  Oh joy!

We’re planning to take the RV up when M is here.  While that will be more convenient, it removes the excuse I’ve always loved – the dogs have been inside alone for hours and we should probably go now!  The RV park is less than 10 minutes from SIL’s house.  Damn it.  There will be no escape.

Must go shopping.  Must buy beer.  And whiskey.  Lots of beer.  Lots of whiskey.  Wish me luck.  If I don’t kill someone it will be a miracle.

7 thoughts on “Sigh

  1. Ooooooh a nasty case of DouchyInLawItis….As a common sufferer of this dreaded disease, I will drink a mango daiquiri in your honor (mango’s are the thing here. Also coconuts but they’re harder to peel 😉 And these weird looking things called bitter melons but I don’t want them messing up my perfectly good rum) I heart you!

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