Wardrobe Malfunction

I think we’ve all seen those tee shirts that are parodies of real products, right?  You know the ones I mean.  For example:


Or like so:


This morning as we waited to cross the street from the train station I spotted a similar shirt worn by a young man.  I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing out loud.  No, not at the shirt.  The shirt could be construed as mildly offensive, though amusing to men certainly.  I was laughing (on the inside anyway) because he was wearing it inside out.  So the graphic image and the words were backwards, but you could still read it with very little effort.  The product being parodied was Budweiser beer.  Only this shirt spelled it B U T T W I S E R.  Under an image of three be-thonged women’s bottoms were the words “This Butt’s for you!”

Standing there waiting for the light to change, I’m wondering why he’s got it on inside out when it occurs to me it’s a white tee shirt.  Now I’m imagining him getting dressed for the day and quickly grabbing a white tee shirt.  Then after he’s already left the house he realizes what he’s wearing.  Or maybe someone pointed it out to him.  Either way, he apparently understood it was inappropriate and did what he could to remedy the problem.

And in the process he gave me a giggle and a post for today.  Thanks man!