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Earworm Mashup

Since I woke up this morning I have had an annoying earworm.  That’s what you call it when a song is stuck in your head, right? In this case it’s two songs.  Well, part of two songs.  Sigh.

Have you heard of the band Train?  They’re out of San Francisco I believe and I love their music.  They’re on my phone along with a ton of other folks.  Well one particular song, 50 Ways to Say Goodbye has this very catchy chorus which includes the phrase, “Help me, help me!”  That’s part 1 of my earworm.

Then there’s Pink’s Heartbreak Down.  (Warning:  Video is NSFW)

This chorus includes the line, “Trust me, trust me, I think I got heartbreak down!”  (I adore Pink by the way.  She’s a strong, intelligent woman and perhaps an acquired taste for some, but her music is deeply emotional.)

My lovely earworm puts the “Help me, help me” in place of the “Trust me, trust me” so I end up hearing “Help me, help me!  I think I got heartbreak down!”

Over and over and over.

Part of me wonders if there’s something Freudian there.



7 thoughts on “Earworm Mashup

  1. Lalalalalala…”Green acres is the place to be….” lalalalalala! This is how my Hubs cures my earworms, by singing Green Acres to me. It doesn’t so much cure as replace said earworms. YOURWELCOME!! 🙂

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