Movie Suggestion

Yeah, lame title I know.  I’m not a bonafide movie reviewer and I didn’t want to make this sound like you had to go see this movie.  Or I guess rent it since it’s from 2012 and I don’t think it’s in the theaters any more.  I thought about calling this “Sappy Love Story” but it really didn’t seem sappy to me; I enjoyed it.

What?  What did you enjoy, you ask?  Okay, even if you didn’t ask I’m going to tell you.  Awhile back Hubs told me about this movie called Upside Down.  He explained it was about two planets which are in a twinned orbit around each other.  Even with more information, I couldn’t picture it from his description.  The other night we watched it and I was stunned.  See, I know in my head that a lot of what we saw on the screen was computer graphics, right?  It had to be.  But it was so well done!  The visual aspect of the film was amazing!

One planet is wealthy and controlling while the other is poor and its people struggle to survive.  People from one cannot live on the other because of the opposing gravities.  It’s an interesting premise.  Mixed in is a sweet love story; sort of a twist on Romeo and Juliet.  From IMDB:

“Adam and Eden fell in love as teens despite the fact that they live on twinned worlds with gravities that pull in opposite directions.  Ten years after a forced separation, Adam sets out on a dangerous quest to reconnect with his love.”

Well, it sounds sappy when I read the blurb.  But it didn’t feel sappy while I was watching it.

This is an adventure story, including fast-paced chase scenes and narrow escapes along with a touch of sweetness and hope.  Click on the movie link above and you can watch a trailer at IMDB.  If you decide to watch it I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Get you some cheese

I’ve got the whine.  It’s been a rough few days.  Last week I did something to my leg, I’m not sure what; I just know it hurts.  The only thing different that happened was when I got down on a my knees to check under the bed for the cat before closing the bedroom door.  I had to have help getting back up and Hubs kindly assisted.  I didn’t feel anything wrong then but over the next couple of days my lower leg started to hurt.  Not the knee; the knee is great.  The area below the knee on the front of the leg and edging toward the inside feels sort of like a bruise – painful to the touch.  Plus it hurts to put weight on it.  It began to grow more uncomfortable the longer I was on it and after the weekend it was bad enough I stayed home from work two days.

Now I’m back to using crutches – which makes my neck and back hurt too, damn it!  I’m so tired of hurting.  I don’t remember what it’s like to be pain-free.  I know it’s partly my fault because I haven’t been diligent with my exercises but they hurt too.  Now I’m paying for being a slacker.  It’s times like these when I can almost imagine going to sleep and not waking up.

No, I’m not really suicidal.  Life is a precious gift and I’m a survivor.  I’m just so damn tired of everything.  Physical pain, emotional pain, feeling helpless – the whole shebang.  Tomorrow I’ll probably have a better outlook.  Or maybe the next day.

Whine over.  Enjoy your cheese.



Adventures on Metro

Metro is one of the local transit companies.  After work I catch a bus to the train station.  Lately, I’ve been on the same Route 36 bus several days in a row.  The driver is a pleasant man built a lot like Santa Claus but without the white hair and beard.  It’s his last run of the day so he doesn’t dilly dally.  I like that in a bus driver.

Yesterday though, I wished I could throw it back.  (See what I did there?  Caught the bus…throw it back?  Oh come on, that’s … well fine.)

Yesterday, the 36 was very crowded.  I lucked out and got the seat closest to the door.  By the time we left my stop there were people standing in the aisle.  I only go three stops before I exit the bus to walk the rest of the way to the station, and it’s mostly an uneventful ride.  No so much this time.  A couple of youngish women with a small toddler got on at the same time I did.  They sat together in two seat seats diagonally across from me.

At the very first stop more people boarded and the passengers standing moved back to allow them room.  Then when they were all aboard the driver motioned to someone and began lowering the platform to bring a wheelchair on.  I ride the bus all the time and recognize the noise it makes so I knew what was happening.  Once the woman’s electric scooter/wheelchair was elevated to the interior floor level, the driver moved back toward the wheelchair area to lift the regular seat out of the way.  He made a point of warning me to watch my feet, but I knew that already and since I have long legs I went ahead and stood up so I could be sure I was out of the way.

The woman in the wheelchair steered it into the aisle and started toward where the driver had the security belt ready to lock her into place.  Suddenly one of the women across the aisle screamed and then shouted that the woman had run over her foot!  I glanced down and saw she was in flip flops.  Her foot looked no worse for wear as far as I could see but those electric scooter things are HEAVY!  She could have easily suffered broken bones.  At the very least I’m sure she was in pain.

That said, it was no excuse for the behavior that followed.  The woman in the scooter was maneuvering the chair into place so the driver could secure it and she apologized immediately.  That should have been the end of it in my mind.  But no!

A screaming match started between the women, each directing blame at the other.  The injured woman berated the other for not warning people or saying excuse me before moving down the narrow aisle.  The second woman yelled back at her that she should have seen she was coming on the bus (she has a point, it’s hard to miss something that big, especially when you’re right in the front of the bus and there is no obstruction).

The driver looked like he wanted to walk off the bus and at first he refused to move on while they were arguing.  The heated exchange continued, voices raised higher and higher, with liberal expletives incorporated.  At one point I heard the woman in the scooter say, “Don’t let this chair fool you!”  And she stood up, leaning toward the other woman, who was already on her feet.  Another passenger got between them and tried to mediate the situation.

She repeatedly talked of forgiveness and tried to calm both women.  Without much success at first.  The driver had given up and moved on to his next stop.  More people boarded; some may have exited out the back, I wasn’t paying attention.  I was trying to ignore the acrimonious women and at the same time was hoping I’d make my train.  Eventually they settled back into their respective seats and were quieter.

The driver and I exchanged grimaces and I commented that it might be time for a beer.  He smiled and nodded.  A few moments later he pulled up to my stop; I wished him a good evening and escaped.

Ahhh, life in the big city.

Saturday fun

Saturday we helped our youngest daughter move into her new townhouse/apartment.  It’s not in the nicest looking neighborhood, but the townhouse itself is fabulous!  The living room has an entire wall of windows, with a slider in the middle that opens onto a small fenced patio.  She’ll be able to lock the gate from the inside, pop in one of those patio style doggy doors and finally get a dog!  It has a teeny kitchen but all the appliances you could want and loads of cupboard space!

After unloading our truck we grabbed some brunch, then we marched (okay, we drove) across the street to the St. Vincent dePaul thrift shop.  K wasn’t really looking for anything specific, but when she saw the small sofa covered in a white, green and pink striped fabric she was in love!  With just paying her pro-rated rent for July she was flat broke till Monday.  She begged the sales clerk to tell anyone interested in it that cats had peed on it so when she came in Monday it would still be there!  Well, being the doting parents we are we offered to buy it and let her reimburse us when she got paid.  The original price (I think it was $149) wasn’t bad for the shape it’s in but the sales lady must have liked K because we were able to get it for just under $90 – what a steal!

Then there was the green ottoman that K wanted.  It was square with a removable top for storage and covered in naugahyde.  After singing its praises, she wandered off to browse elsewhere and while Hubs was standing there a woman came up to check out the ottoman.  They chatted a bit and when she put the ottoman in her cart Hubs joked about not letting his daughter see.  She offered to let K have it if she wanted it and Hubs explained that she liked it but wouldn’t be able to buy it after just moving in to her new place.  Can you guess what happened then?  Hmm?


We found our own deals too.  When Hubs and I walked in and saw the cat tree we immediately asked how much it was.  These things go for hundreds of dollars at PetCo or PetSmart and it was in excellent shape so I was expecting it to be close to $100.  Nope.  Not even close.  It was under $30!!

Then I found this!


This is the coolest dress!  It’s been a very long time since I’ve willingly worn anything above the knee.  With my knee issues, the bad leg is quite noticeably larger than the other one.  It’s always annoyed me as I felt that people would stare and be grossed out.  Well Monday I wore this dress over a pair of leggings (interpretation:  clingy spandex, so legs are definitely on display though still covered).  After looking at myself in the full-length mirror in the ladies’ room I could see the different size legs were pretty obvious.  But I shrugged it off.  After all who would be paying attention to my legs when my bazooms looked so damned outrageous in the dress!  And they did too!  Bonus – the draping camouflaged my belly a bit.  It felt very good to receive compliments on my “cute” outfit!

Here’s a close-up of the neckline detail:


Those are itty bitty beads y’all.  A LOT of itty bitty beads!  Probably hand sewn.  Yikes!  I wish I could have gotten closer so you could see how intricate they are.

Have a great week everyone!

Earworm Mashup

Since I woke up this morning I have had an annoying earworm.  That’s what you call it when a song is stuck in your head, right? In this case it’s two songs.  Well, part of two songs.  Sigh.

Have you heard of the band Train?  They’re out of San Francisco I believe and I love their music.  They’re on my phone along with a ton of other folks.  Well one particular song, 50 Ways to Say Goodbye has this very catchy chorus which includes the phrase, “Help me, help me!”  That’s part 1 of my earworm.

Then there’s Pink’s Heartbreak Down.  (Warning:  Video is NSFW)

This chorus includes the line, “Trust me, trust me, I think I got heartbreak down!”  (I adore Pink by the way.  She’s a strong, intelligent woman and perhaps an acquired taste for some, but her music is deeply emotional.)

My lovely earworm puts the “Help me, help me” in place of the “Trust me, trust me” so I end up hearing “Help me, help me!  I think I got heartbreak down!”

Over and over and over.

Part of me wonders if there’s something Freudian there.



Wardrobe Malfunction

I think we’ve all seen those tee shirts that are parodies of real products, right?  You know the ones I mean.  For example:


Or like so:


This morning as we waited to cross the street from the train station I spotted a similar shirt worn by a young man.  I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing out loud.  No, not at the shirt.  The shirt could be construed as mildly offensive, though amusing to men certainly.  I was laughing (on the inside anyway) because he was wearing it inside out.  So the graphic image and the words were backwards, but you could still read it with very little effort.  The product being parodied was Budweiser beer.  Only this shirt spelled it B U T T W I S E R.  Under an image of three be-thonged women’s bottoms were the words “This Butt’s for you!”

Standing there waiting for the light to change, I’m wondering why he’s got it on inside out when it occurs to me it’s a white tee shirt.  Now I’m imagining him getting dressed for the day and quickly grabbing a white tee shirt.  Then after he’s already left the house he realizes what he’s wearing.  Or maybe someone pointed it out to him.  Either way, he apparently understood it was inappropriate and did what he could to remedy the problem.

And in the process he gave me a giggle and a post for today.  Thanks man!