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Arguing with myself

I got to the office more than an hour early today.  No, not shooting for employee of the month.  Just trying to shut up the voices in my head.

They were at it first thing after the alarm sounded at 4:30.  Geez, you’d think they’d sleep in or something!  But noooo, Ms. Troublemaker has to suggest that I re-set the alarm for another hour of snoozing.  Well that sets off Ms. GoodyGoody and she’s all, “If you get up now you can catch the 1502 train and get into Seattle by 6:30-ish.  Then you can take a nap in the cafeteria before it opens!”

On the one hand I can see the benefit of trying to nap in the cafe rather than go back to bed.  If I arrive at the train station after 7 am I’m unlikely to find a parking space.  Four freakin’ floors of parking and they’re all full by 7 in the morning!  On the other, the cafe benches are so narrow it’d be like sleeping on a balance beam for this chubby bubbe.  So much for a real nap.

But I got up and out, and arrived at the office before 7.  The lights were still off; they come on automatically around 7.  One of those energy saving devices newer buildings are including.  My first thought was to put my head down on my desk (I have a pillow) and try to get in a few winks.  That lasted only seconds before Ms. GoodyGoody piped up, “You could use this extra time to do your exercises you know.  You won’t hurt so bad at the end of the day when you’re walking back to the train.”

“Shut up!  Can’t you see she’s trying to get some rest?”  Ms. Troublemaker has my back.

“Bite me,” Ms. GoodyGoody responds.  “She needs to move damnit!”  Ms. GoodyGoody isn’t always good.

“Alright already!  I’m up!”  So I spent several minutes pedaling the floor cycle, followed by quad arcs or whatever the hell they’re called.  Then I did some squats – well, what passes for squats for me.  Afterward I had to admit I felt a little better.  But don’t tell Ms. GoodyGoody, m’kay?  I can’t stand the “I told you so’s”!


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