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Stuffed and things

Stuffed – like my nose is right now 😦

Things as in this (you may need to embiggen it, tiny type not so eye-friendly):


True, I’ve been battling the dreaded summer cold.  It just isn’t fair.  While the weather isn’t perfect, it is getting nicer and I’m feeling yucky and need to rest all. the. damn. time.  Wait; after my last post shouldn’t I be all happy and perky?  Sure, I’m happy it isn’t pneumonia again!  Perky my ass.  Show me a perky sick person and I’ll show you someone with really good drugs!  Which I do not have.  On second thought, if I had really good drugs I’d probably still be horizontal, not perky.  Sigh.

On a brighter note though, Halls is spreading the love with their mentholated throat lozenges.  Last week when this bug hit me full force, Hubs brought home three bags of throat lozenges – three different flavors so I wouldn’t get bored.  Gotta love him!  The lozenges are individually wrapped, nothing new there.  No, the “new” is that each wrapper is printed with positive messages.  Halls calls it “A Pep Talk in Every Drop™.

Want to hear some of the messages?  Oh sure you do!  How about this one?

“March forward!”  –  I don’t know, I’d kinda like to see someone march backward.

Here’s another:  “Take charge and mean it.”  –  Yeah, exactly what does that look like?

There are a variety of platitudes:  “Don’t give up on yourself.”  “Don’t waste a precious minute.”  “Seize the day.”  “Power through!”

Then there’s this disturbing note:  “You’ve survived tougher.”  Just how in the hell does Halls know what I’ve survived, hmm?  Is Halls now in the stalking business?  I’ll watching you too Halls.  Always watching…

My favorite though is, “Put a little strut in it.”  Nicely played Halls.  Nicely played.

I’m off to strut my stuff peeps.  Have a fantabulous weekend everyone!

6 thoughts on “Stuffed and things

  1. Oy, gevalt! Get well soon, Bubbe! And thanks for the heads up on the Halls stalk-o-lozenges! My terribly hay-fevered son has been gobbling them w/o even noticing that he’s being pep-talked. Who knew? Feel better!

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