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So this happened…

Well, not exactly.  And yeah, that was a creepy movie.  Not in the Alfred Hitchcock sense (which I would have loved) but in the “what was I thinking?” sense. Ack!

Let’s get back to the topic at hand shall we?  My friend RJ nominated me for the WordPress Family Award!  Cue applause!

To say I’m honored to be included is an understatement.  RJ’s list includes published authors, book reviewers, advice columnists!  Me?  I’m a legal secretary with an unfinished novel, some old poetry (which I’ve about exhausted) and a little blog I prefer to keep anonymous.  So I am extremely pleased to be included – thanks RJ!

As I understand it I’m supposed to thank the blogger who nominated me.  Done.  Plus I need to post the award logo here:

wordpress-family-award  There we go.

Now I’m supposed to answer ten questions and nominate ten bloggers.  Trouble is, I’m not sure I know ten bloggers, but here’s some blogs I love to read – in no particular order:

Gram-cracker – I’ve been following Grammy for a long time; we even got to meet in person a couple of times.  Grammy writes about a variety of stuff – family, DIY, shenanigans. 

Five Legs Between Us – This blog is by my friend Dana.  Dana has a three-legged dog named Prada.  See?  Dana has 2 legs, Prada has 3 which equals 5!  Dana loves to read too and often shares reviews which has turned me on to books I never would have discovered otherwise.  She’s funny and smart.

Hart’s BeatPam writes about family, her dogs and the silliness of the spam in her blog’s inbox.  She posts about doctor’s visits and occasionally channels her Barbie and Ken dolls’ relationship issues. 

Mayor GiaGia’s blog is self-illustrated.  She draws Boyfriend, Allie, (her alligator friend), Popsicle (her polar bear friend) and others as the muse inspires.  Gia shares workplace goings on mixed with Boyfriend’s golfing woes or wins, and her own baking adventures among other things.  Other things = wine. J

GhostCat ChroniclesGhostie just bought a house!  She’s a fan of Batman, You Suck at Craigslist, garage sales and DIY projects.  Plus?  She has three very cool cats.

Awesomesauciness – CJ is one of my favorite bloggers.  Her posts range from talking back to spammers to relating fun and funny family stories and outing her house’s poltergeist, Ralph.

So there you have the bloggers I follow the mostest.  Now for the questions, oh wait, I uh, um … be right back!

tick tock, tick tock, tick tock…

Phew!  Okay, I’m back and I feel much better now.  So where were we?  That’s right, the question portion of our show:

1.     What is the meaning of life?  Huh.  First question and you couldn’t lob me a soft ball could you Universe? 

2.    What is happiness all about?  Choice.  To be happy is a choice we make every day.  You can choose to whine about what’s wrong with your life or you can choose to put on your big-girl panties and embrace life including the not-so-great parts.  You don’t have to like those parts, just don’t let them dictate how you feel. 

3.    Why did you start a blog?  I can’t afford therapy.  Is that too cliché these days?  Tough.

4.    What is more important in your life:  Relationships or fame?  Relationships!  They’re so much more interesting.  Fame is lame. 

5.    What is the one thing you like about blogging?  All the people I’ve “met”.  I have new friends all over the country; I even got to meet one in person (waving at Grammy)!

6.    What is the best decision you ever made?  Still waiting for that to happen.  Sigh.

7.    Do you believe that unconditional love really exists in any kind of relationship?  Absolutely.  It’s covered in fur, licks itself inappropriately and doesn’t care that you drink milk directly from the container.

8.    Do you believe in Karma?  There better be Karma.  While I choose to be happy now, it’d be good to know my abusive, perverted grandfather got his in the end.

9.    Do you believe in rebirth or afterlife?  If yes, then why?  Yes.  Because.    

10.  What is the best moment of your life?  When I learned to accept that I am only responsible for me.  Wait, I’m not quite there yet.  Maybe I should just say when my daughters were born.  Yeah, that sounds better. 

Who thinks up these questions anyway? Probably a blogger with writer’s block, amiright? 

2 thoughts on “So this happened…

  1. Well Congrats, and thank you for the nomination. I’m respectfully declining to participate, only because there are only 2 blogs left that I comment on and participate in and that’s you and Harts Beat so I have no one to nominate! 🙂 Hugs!

    • Yeah, I was torn about whether to participate. I read a lot of blogs but I only comment on a few and only occasionally on most of those.

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