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Cheerios Ad Receives Backlash For Featuring Interracial Family

Sweet commercial (and I hate commercials). The people who are complaining about it don’t have enough to do. Someone get on that and find those people something to do – STAT! Like cleaning public restrooms for instance. Geez.

Yow Yow!

Cheerios has always had a reputation for creating new advertisements that are warm and downright adorable. In their most recent ad entitled “Just Checking” the brand features an interracial family and apparently in this day and age – there are still some people that aren’t pleased. Disappointing, right? The backlash is completely unnecessary and most blogs standing behind the ad (like Yow Yow!) are confused as to why backlash is happening at all!

The video in question features an adorable child asking her white mother about Cheerios. After learning about the cereal’s cholesterol-removing benefits, she promptly douses what seems to be an entire box-full of Cheerios onto her black father’s shirt when he’s sleeping. It’s cute, adorable, and made us reach for the bright yellow box in our own pantry. Unfortunately, it has also attracted a slew of racist comments on YouTube,forcing Cheerios to disable the comments section.

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4 thoughts on “Cheerios Ad Receives Backlash For Featuring Interracial Family

  1. What is it, 1953?? Geezy Pete’s I don’t have much to do but I can always find something better than to pick apart stuff that’s just fine the way it is….(like watching paint dry. Seriously, cuz I’m always slapping paint on something and I’m impatient). Let’s be more specific about the cleaning job. How about cleaning public restrooms in….oh say, a truck stop? Or maybe a dive bar on Saturday nights?…

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