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Mother’s Day – Continued

 My pre-Mother’s Day celebration continued into Friday when my daughter (yes, the same one who sent the fruit and balloons) arrived at my office around lunch time.  I was still hard at work (ha!) when they arrived so I went up to bring them back to my floor so I could finish up.  When I got up there K handed me a clear terrarium-style vase thing with a Darling Orchid inside.  Yes, that’s the actual name.  It’s quite lovely with soft white petals and a spongy moss base.  It has a place of honor on the shelf in front of my desk between the lucky bamboo and the violet.  K brought her best friend along and I played hooky for the afternoon.  We went to the Market where we indulged in pieroshkys (I thought of you Grammy!  We ate in the same little park!).  Then we wandered into and around the Market.  In the almost 15 years we’ve lived in Washington K had never been to the Market!  That surprised me but once I started thinking about it, I realized I rarely get to the Market on my own.  Usually it takes out of town family or friends coming to visit to get me there. 

After visiting a couple of shops with Asian art and lots of jade we got sidetracked by the bakery.  Then while passing the seafood counter K spotted the Balloon Guy and wanted a motorcycle so we headed over there.  We didn’t have a real plan and following our nose we wound up at The Great Wind-Up – the shop Grammy and I enjoyed on her visit in March.  There was sooo much laughter while we were there and K found two wind-up turtles she had to take home.  One of them did a little boogy woogy when you wound it up!  And then she bought me this: 

Mr Tap

Go ahead and click on it so you can read the smaller print at the bottom.  And here’s the back: 

Mr Tap - back

Check out his dance steps; all he’s missing is the top hat! 

When we had laughed ourselves silly and annoyed the proprietor long enough we moved along.  We stopped at the herbal shop next door, but it couldn’t really follow the toys and we didn’t stay long.  We were considering heading back to the car when I spotted another tee shirt shop which of course we had to visit.  One of the most enjoyable parts of our day was reading aloud the snarky or provocative tee shirts we found. 

Fortuitously, the tee shirt shop was two doors down from The Great American Fudge Factory!  I needed a break so we went in and examined their handmade candy apples.  This one is my favorite; I think it’s called Tiger Tails or something.  How awesome is this?

Candy Apple - reverse

I wish I could have seen how they did that! 

And since they also sold ice cream I got to sit for my break and nom on some yummy goodness! 

Successful day all around!

4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day – Continued

  1. PEIROSHKYS!!!! Now I’m hungry…I’d be on board if you wanted to officially dub that little park “Grammy’s Lunch Spot” or something….

    Remember the dinosaur wind up that I bought for Peanut? Yeahhhhh….it doesnt work so good after she chunked it in the toilet for a swim!

    I’m so happy you had a great Mom’s day, that K is a good egg…..

    • Maybe you should have gotten Peanut a fish? Although I think SOME dinosaurs were swimmers. I’ll get right on naming the Lunch Spot too! Great idea! 😀

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