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Mother’s Day – the first

It started Thursday at work about 12:30.  The receptionist called and told me they had a delivery for me.  “For me?” I mumbled, around the mouthful of lunch.  When she confirmed it was for me and not one of my attorneys I thanked her and said I’d be right up.  Strange.  I never get deliveries. 

Want to see what was waiting for me?  Oh sure you do!  Not that I’m bragging or anything.  Well okay, I guess I’m bragging a little.  Take a gander at this beauty:

fruit bouquet 

That’s a scrumptious, fresh fruit bouquet from Edible Arrangements!  Skewers of apple, cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple (cut into heart shapes!) and strawberries!  And there are grapes hiding in there too.  Some of the fruit was dipped in chocolate! 

The whole arrangement was wrapped in cellophane and tied with curly ribbon.  Trimming the entire thing were these:

balloon trim

My phone’s camera didn’t do these justice.  There were three mylar balloons:  the one you see here with the writing, along with two stars, one pink and one green.  They’re adorable and now they’re tied to my lamp at home!

Happy Mother’s Day to me!  Plus?  The office really enjoyed sharing the fruit!

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