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Tunnel Vision

Recently one of my best online buds posted a poem on her blog.  Cool and quirky, just like Dana (waves – Hi Dana!).  Well, it reminded me of my old poetry, wasting away in a Word document somewhere.  I thought I’d posted one of my poems and after searching my archives I discovered I was right!  Twice!  This one was fun to write, but I really liked the visual I got from this one.  I could see a rom com including a similar scene.

Of course I had to ask myself why I haven’t I posted another poem?  I didn’t have a good answer for me so I guess it’s time to post another poem.  Before we get to that however, a little background about Seattle might be helpful.

Modern day Seattle sits atop olde tyme Seattle – seriously – take the Underground Tour next time you’re here.  That tidbit is just for color, it really has nothing to do with the poem.  But (and here’s the segue you’re looking for) also under downtown Seattle is the transit tunnel.  Multiple bus lines use the tunnel, keeping at least some of the traffic off of downtown streets.  The following should make a little more sense with that background. 🙂

Tunnel Vision
(September, 2003; rev’d 11/03)

Metro motors down Fourth Avenue
in the early hours
before the sun has warmed
            the city, and 

through my grandson’s eyes,
            wisps of steam,
            escaping the underground bus tunnels
            become extraordinary.

“Is it a dungeon?”
Eyes wide, he looks to me for truth.
Reluctant to spoil his fantasy,
            I hesitate…

Then nodding, I fold away the Times,
            and tell him tales of hidden castles,
            brave, valiant knights and
            fire-breathing dragons.

Disclaimer:  I had one college level English class eons ago.  As a result, most of my poetry is sort of free flowing.  It likely does not fit into officially recognized or accepted styles for writing poetry.  If you’re the type to point that out then just don’t, m’kay?  I know it ain’t perfect; but it’s just for me and I don’t care.  Thanks, and have a great day! 😀

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