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Music Maestro

I think I may have mentioned my daughter bought me a smart phone and put me on her plan.  I love my new phone, not in the least because it takes beautiful photographs, when I can keep my thumbs out of the way.  I also like being able to play Words With Friends (and the other With Friends games) on the go.  It doesn’t hurt that I can look up shopping, restaurants, etc.  Not to mention I can actually call people and receive calls!  😀

My favorite part by far though is the music player.  Seriously.  Pre-smart phone I juggled my cell phone and a Sansa MP3 player.  Not too difficult when the phone normally resides in a pocket on the strap of my backpack.  But with earbuds in place and tunes crankin’ out I often missed calls or texts.  Not that I get a lot, I just like to make sure I don’t miss anything.  Hey, what if Hubs is trying to get me to meet him for dinner after work?  That’s important!

So the music player is my favorite part.  I tried various free downloadable players but wasn’t happy with their performance.  Not the music performance, that was fine.  With the interaction performance.  Daughter K turned me on to a Sony earbud/mic combination that allows me to listen to my music and answer calls with the phone safely tucked away in a pocket.  It isn’t wireless but it does what I need and doesn’t get in my way.  And it works with the phone’s default music player!  Score!

Now I can pop in the earbuds, press the button on the mic and the music player begins playing.  The only time I need to pull out the phone is if I want to change from the Play All to a playlist or a specific artist or turn on shuffle/repeat.  I can pause the song, turn volume up or down and even go to the next song all with the control on the wire. 

I recently uploaded more music on my phone and it occured to me that anyone looking at my music lists would scratch their head in confusion.  Or possibly nod in understanding.  My collection includes everything from Aerosmith to ZZ Top.  In the middle you’ll find Big and Rich, Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Four Tops, Patsy Cline, Men at Work, Rod Stewart (not what you’re thinking), Pink (yes, really) and Lynyrd Skynyrd, to name a few.  Rod Stewart was one of my updates over the weekend.  I stumbled across his album It Had to Be You, The Great American Songbook which I’d been wanting forever.  He sings some beautiful standards:  The Very Thought of You, You Go to My Head, They Can’t Take That Away From Me.  A long time ago I heard one of the songs from this album on the radio and loved it.  I didn’t know it was him at the time; I just loved the sound, the vibe. 

It would be hard to pick a favorite type of music, as I guess you can tell from seeing what’s on my player.  I think the common denominator of my music is that it moves me.  Sometimes it moves me physically – who can sit still when ZZ Top is singing about a Sharp Dressed Man?  Other times I find myself laughing (Garth Brooks’ The Old Stuff) or crying (Sugarland’s Stay).

I don’t often hear new music because even when I have the radio on it’s usually set to a classic rock station.  So if any of y’all out there have a favorite artist you think I might enjoy, give a shout out okay?  And thanks in advance.  😉

4 thoughts on “Music Maestro

  1. Like yours, the 11 plus gb of music on my iPod is eclectic to say the least. I also love Pink! Not to mention Evanesence, Tina Turner, Maroon 5, Creedence Clearwater, George Strait, Van Morrison, The Civil Wars, and 3 Doors Down…

  2. Oooh! I’d almost forgotten about 3 Doors Down! I’ve heard them on a local radio station before and liked them but of course when I go to buy new music I usually don’t remember them. I need to make a list! I think we already have some Creedence and Tina in our CD collection but I don’t think they’re on my player yet. Thanks for the reminders! 🙂

  3. Nice! I lost all my music when my last boyfriend and I broke up–everything was on his computer. 😦

    BUT, a musician friend at work just lent me his external hard drive, which has over thiry THOUSAND songs on it–I’m going to have a very happy iPod!

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