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It was a great weekend!

Right up until we almost got kicked out of The Olive Garden.  Well, to be accurate it probably began going downhill back at the cemetery.  But let’s rewind to the good parts shall we?

Saturday I rode the bus into Seattle because I’m a wuss and I won’t drive downtown.  Have you seen how narrow some of the streets are?  If I drove a teeny car I might consider it, but I drive a honkin’ big Suburban and the Beast would not be very happy if I sideswiped a parked car.  And by Beast I mean the vehicle; let’s not even talk about how Hubs would react!

So, I bussed it into Seattle, made my way to the Colman Dock and waited for my good friend Grammy to arrive from The Other Side of the Water.  When her ferry docked and we got the hugs and greetings out of the way we headed for Pike Place Market.  We started with Tenzing Momo.  No, that’s not a typo, that’s the name of the apothecary in the Market.  They sell everything from essential oils to all natural soap to incense to herbs of all kinds.  They even mix herbs to order.  We sniffed a bunch of different oils and bought a few. 

Next we popped into The Great Wind-Up.  I’ll give you a moment to try to figure out what that is…

Got it?  If you guessed a toy / gag gift store give yourself a hand!  This shop was tiny but packed with all sorts of goodies.  I’m bummed I didn’t think to take any photos of the toys but trust me, they were way cool.  There were wind-up dinosaurs, clowns, babies … you name it they had a wind-up version.  Plus?  Giant fake mustaches!  And lip balms in exotic flavors like Wasabi and Dill Pickle!  No lie.  I bought a Dill Pickle lip balm for Hubs, along with Dill Pickle mints!  There were bacon scented air fresheners to hang from your rear view mirror and bacon band-aids, not to mention bacon soap!  It was a hoot.  I plan to go back because they had a stainless steel water bottle I wanted but put off so I could get the one that said Zombie Juice! for daughter K.  Which she adored!  Grammy picked up a few treats there herself and we did a lot of giggling. 

Afterward it was off to DeLaurenti Specialty Food & Wine:  so much awesomeness in one place!  I can’t come close to doing it justice.  Grammy had a lot of fun there picking out gourmet treats for her daughter Chef Vivi.  She pointed out several things she recognized from when she visited Sicily and recommended some others.  One thing in the store amused me: 

Beans, beans, beans, beans

Does it amaze anyone else that amid all the imported goods Heinz has a place on the shelf?  Okay, so I’m easily amused.  Sue me.

After a little break for some ginger ale we explored some more, finding a really aromatic display of nothing but lavender products.  They smelled so yummy!  Across the aisle from that were the most adorable hats.  Their prices weren’t adorable though and we settled for oohing and ahhing.

Then we went Down Under, into the lower levels of the Market and found more treasures.  Grammy found a scarf she loved and a few other little goodies.  I bought a pair of earrings and came close to buying a sweet little leather wrist wallet.  It was very, very nice.  But even at half off was beyond the budget I’d allowed myself.  It was still cool to see though. 

We made our way to the ramp that leads up to the street level and once we were back up top we found stuff like this:

PIke Market Tulips 3-23-13

So. Much. Awesome!  Grammy bought some pussywillow and we decided we were ready for lunch. 

If you ever visit the Market you must eat at Piroshky Piroshky (thanks for the tip Vivi!).  There was a line (of course) but it moved quickly.  We each chose a pierogi and a dessert pastry, added a bottle of water and went in search of place to sit outdoors.  It had gone from chilly to beautiful while we were in the Market.  We found an empty bench near a small park area and munched and gabbed away.  The people watching was fun and we enjoyed the sunshine.  It was a perfect. 

Later, we made our way back to the ferry terminal stopping along the way to buy decadent chocolates and try on silly hats (I’m sorry now I didn’t let her take my picture in one; that would have been a hoot).  Right next to the hat store was a tea shop where they offer free tastings.  I didn’t want to taste because I knew what I wanted and they actually had my Jasmine Pearls green tea!  Score!

Finally, we arrived at Colman Dock and collapsed with our shopping bags to wait for her ferry.  And we remembered this time to take photos.  See?  (Pay no attention to my hair sticking out all over; I just took it out of a pony tail.)

Lori and Lori

Two very happy, very tired ladies.  So. Much. Fun.  Thanks for the great day Grammy!  Safe travels home.

What?  Ahh, you’re still waiting to hear about The Olive Garden?  Well that was Sunday.  And I think this post is already plenty long.  Stay tuned.  😀

5 thoughts on “It was a great weekend!

  1. Took me forever to have time to get on the Interwebz and read this! Home now (THANKFULY!) but a little nostalgic for the Sound, the ferry and Pikes Market. Of my 9 days away from home, sharing that day with you was by far the most treasured! Thank you my friend for just being you….:)

    • Aw shucks ma’am, tweren’t nothin’. Seriously, I was so happy to have the day to visit with you! Glad you’re home safe and in time for Easter!

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