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Really long weekend

But soooo much fun!  Yeah, it was really only two days but it FELT much longer.  Probably didn’t help that Sunday we headed up to see Mom and go over old family photos with her so we could put names on them.  I’m not sure how long I took down names but there were over 200 photos!  By the time we were done my hands were killing me.  We did something else up there that was a lot more exciting than writing down names, but I can’t talk about that yet. 

Comicon was … hmm, trying to find an adjective that is appropriate.  So many fit here.  Fabulous!  Terrific!  Stupendous!  Amazing!  

Since this was our very first Con we learned a lot.  Namely, that we had a LOT to learn.  Daughter K wanted to get a photo with Danai Gurira (Michonne of the The Walking Dead) but she learned too late that the sign-ups for photos were back where we exchanged our tickets for our badges.  By the time she found out they were full up.  So next year she knows to head there first after getting her badge.

Another thing we discovered is that you really want to have a plan before you get there.  I wanted to see the show with Wil Wheaton and Paul and Storm.  It began at 10:30 (check-in began at 10 am – do the math … or the time I guess).  We got to the show late and were able to find seats, barely.  It was fun and funny and I’d do it again, but only if I could sit closer to the stage.  I think it will have to take a back seat (see what I did there?) to other activities next year unless they schedule it differently. 

Looking over the Program Guide Monday morning, I noticed a few other panels/shows that I would have loved to see (and Hubs probably would have enjoyed more).  So Lesson 2:  check out the schedule in more detail before the Con so you can pick out activities everyone will like.

Without further ado, here are some of the photos we took on Saturday.  All of these were taken by my daughter or I using our cell phones. 

You’ve heard me mention the Doctor’s TARDIS in the past.  Well here are two extremely different examples proudly sported by fans.


TARDIS tattoo 

Awesome, am I right?!  This guy told my daughter he’s going to get K9 next.  I hope I run into him next year, I’d love to see that! 

The young lady’s tights are nebulas and stars and she even has the police box light on top of her hat.  Dedication right there! TARDIS Dress

The young woman here was kind enough to pose for me.  You can’t see her “tails” sweeping down her back from her headpiece.  I should have angled her in front of the window to get those too.  Yep, that’s a light sabre she’s holding. 

Unnamed warrior

Here’s more Star Wars fun!  We saw Beaker and Sam early on but we were checking in and couldn’t really spend time gaping at their coolness.  Later though K was able to get this shot.  I just wanted to hear Beaker; maybe next year.    Sesame Street meets Star Wars

Another Star Wars vignette.  For those of you who don’t recognize them, that’s Princess Leia with a couple of junior Jedis doing battle with Darth Maul. 

Leia & Young Jedis battle Darth Maul

Here’s Spiderman times two!  I’m not sure why they were traveling in tandem but they certainly look the part. 

Spiderman - Seeing Double

And my favorite photo – this guy was soooo patient with me.  I’m all thumbs and I’m still getting used to the camera phone.  Who thought up putting the flippin’ shutter release ON THE DAMN SCREEN!?  Awkward!  But he just stood there grinning and then just as I got situated enough to snap a shot he pulled this face:

Tom Servo

So cool!  Of course you all know that’s Tom Servo right?  From Mystery Science Theater 3000?  The guy mugging there built him! 

I missed a LOT of good photos due to a combination of bad timing, learning curve with the cell phone camera and my innate shyness (shut up, I am too shy!).  There was one shot I really regret missing.  Hubs and I were eating lunch while waiting for K and across from where we were sitting was a Doctor Who ensemble posing for photos.  Doctors Four, Ten and Eleven were all present.  There was a fourth Doctor there who I Hubs said was the Seventh Doctor – straw boater, striped pants.  I know they were fans dressed up but they all looked really good!  And they were having fun with it, which I love to see. 

The plan for next year (which I’ve been drafting in my head since we got home and change up regularly) is to rent a hotel room downtown; take off early from work the Friday Comicon opens and check in that afternoon.  If we get our badges Friday night we save time in line when the main crowd arrives Saturday morning and we can sleep in a bit longer!  If you think I’m kidding about the mass of people here’s what a Con minion told us while we waited in line with her at Subway, “They’re expecting 75,000 people today.”  That was Saturday alone peeps!  No wonder it was so crowded!

7 thoughts on “Really long weekend

  1. Oh my God Bubbe, you have no idea how jealous I am of you right now.
    Does not BEGIN to cover it.
    Can I stow away in your luggage and come with you next year? Pretty please? I don’t take up much room…

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