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Stealth Secretary

Today I had my annual performance review.  Not to worry…it was fine.  My supervisor called me her “secret weapon.”  That’ll make you feel pretty good about yourself.  Then she proceeded to skim over the comments made by the four attorneys I support.  I’ll eventually get a copy of their comments so I can read them in depth, but today she gave me some of the highlights. 

At one point she quoted one of the attorneys who mentioned my assistance on a pro hac vice (pro hawk veechay) motion with very little oversight.  Paraphrased, he commented that I had the necessary skills to handle a more litigation-heavy work load, and my supervisor turned back to me and said, “Your secret’s out.” 

It wasn’t really a secret.  I worked for an Attorney General’s office for around 8 years in litigation so I do have the skills.  When we moved to Washington though I had been out of litigation for at least a year and I started with BigLaw in the environmental department, which was fine by me.  After years of dealing with inmate civil rights litigation I was pretty burnt. 

I’ve been with BigLaw for 15 years this September and for most of that time I’ve had only minimal exposure to litigation – thank goodness!  Now however, management has higher expectations for secretaries and ALL secretaries will need to have some familiarity with litigation.  So I’m ahead of the game there I suppose. 

My organizational abilities were also given “exceeds expectations” marks.  Now if only I could make use of those at home – sigh.  I’m not even as organized as some other secretaries I know; I just like things in a certain order, so I know where to find what I need. 

Other comments included my collegiality.  Okay, I confess.  I knew that collegiality was positive and means something like “plays well with others” but I looked it up anyway.  The thesaurus had this to say: “mutually respectful, uncompetitive.”  Yeah, that’s me all over. 

Have a fabulous weekend!  I’m gonna get a pedicure tomorrow to celebrate!  Oh, did I forget to mention I got a raise?  Go me!  😉

P.S.  I did NOT add the tags to this post and I’m not sure how they got added since they’re  advertisements.  My apologies.  (If anyone out there knows how they got added and how I can prevent it in the future please let me know?  Thanks muchly.)

6 thoughts on “Stealth Secretary

    • Absolutely! Unfortunately, knowing BigLaw the way I do I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to hear that the supervisor says that to everyone. Gotta keep the peons happy you know. 🙂

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