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You have to read this!

In her debut novel Still Missing, Chevy Stevens mesmerized me.  After borrowing the book from the library on Tuesday I found myself reading every chance I got.  On the train going home.  On the train Wednesday morning coming to work.  At lunch on Wednesday and again going home.  Today – Thursday I did it again.  But after lunch I couldn’t put it down and work was so slow I didn’t.  Leaving it open on my desk I continued reading while keeping one eye on my inbox in case new work arrived.  I finished it a few minutes ago.

One of the blurbs on the back cover said it best, “While reading Chevy Stevens’s thriller Still Missing, I had to remind myself to breathe.  Simply terrifying.”  (Erica Spindler, New York Times bestselling author of Blood Vines).

I’m a fan of authors like Dean Koontz and Lisa Gardiner who know a thing or three about suspense.  Chevy Stevens took suspense and fear and dread to a whole new level for me.  Her protagonist, Annie O’Sullivan is a career woman who seems to have it together.  Until she’s abducted by a psycho bastard who locks her in a fortified cabin hidden in the woods.  The story describes how Annie fights to stay alive while losing bits and pieces of herself over the next year.  It’s frightening, heart-wrenching, desperate. 

Set on Vancouver Island in Canada, the story unfolds as Annie describes her experiences to her therapist.  She recounts the abduction, the brutal treatment by her captor and also shares how her transition back into normal life is progressing. 

When the investigation into her abduction takes an unpredictable turn, Annie confronts a startling truth and must make some hard decisions. 

As I said initially, the book mesmerized me; and it gave me the chills.  And it made me cry and even laugh a little.  It’s a wild ride!  If you aren’t a fan of thrillers you might still enjoy this.  As frightened as I was for Annie the reader knows from the beginning that she survived, because she’s talking to her therapist afterward.  Knowing that helps with the scarier parts. 

If you do read it, or have already read it please let me know how you liked it.  Now I need to go find Stevens’ second book.  Well, after I read this month’s book club selection I guess.

3 thoughts on “You have to read this!

  1. Oh wow, I never thought about how that might sound. No, not literally. She sort of gives up parts of herself to keep her captor happy and stay alive. Geez, sorry about that. There is some graphic stuff when the guy brings home a deer he killed for food, but the scene is mainly about her reactions.

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