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Head’s Up

Blogspot hates me again.  And not only Blogspot; I think the entire Internet is out to get me, period. 

I’ve been having difficulty commenting at several of my favorite blogs of late.  And now I can’t even see the blogs I follow on Blogspot!  I thought it might be FeedDemon giving me crap but even when I try to go to those blogs in my browser rather than the reader I still can’t see them.  I get the wallpaper but not the posts.  Makes me want to throw a tantrum!  Or a brick at the monitor. 

Not sure what to do about this.  Hubs suggested I chat up IT to see if they can figure it out.  Technically it isn’t verboten to read blogs at work but something tells me the Powers That Be might not be thrilled to know how many I follow (about 18 at last count) when I’m supposed to be working for The Man.  So I think I’ll only consult IT as a last resort. 

For now, I’ve uninstalled FeedDemon, retaining the cache in case I decide to reinstall it later.  Last night at home I downloaded a reader app onto my Kindle Fire.  Earlier today on my break I subscribed to most of my FeedDemon list via the Kindle.  That’s as far as I’ve gotten.  Everything seemed to go fine; I checked out Grammy’s blog and all her most recent posts show up – YAY!  Ditto for awesomesauciness.  And that was all I had time to check after subscribing to about a dozen blogs.  This weekend I plan to spend some time getting familiar with the feeder, etc. and I’ll try commenting. 

The downside to having the feeds on my Kindle is that I must be in an open/free wi-fi area as I don’t have a connection in the Kindle itself.  So I’ll only be able to read the feeds when I’m at home, at work in the building lobby (and sometimes our cafe), at the library or on the particular cars of the commuter train which provide wi-fi.  This should be fun.  No, seriously. 

So if you hear a pitiful wailing coming from the west this weekend hopefully it won’t be me!

Have a great weekend everyone!

2 thoughts on “Head’s Up

  1. You poor thing….I hate it when technology conspires against me so I know how frustrated you feel. There are times when I just wanna wave a white flag of submission at my laptop screen. I think this is why my Son-in-law stubbornly refuses to upgrade from his “dumb phone”, cuts down on the amount of grey hairs….:)

  2. Good for Captain America! I held out for a long time on the dumb vs. smart phone. We had a sweet deal with the SIL’s family plan but my daughter was so excited to be able to upgrade my phone and add me to her plan and now I love my smart phone. I get to play Words With Friends with Pam! 🙂

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