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I got nuttin’

Well…except that IT’S FRIDAY!  Woo hoo! 

But otherwise?  Nuttin’.  That I can share anyway. 

Oh!  Oh!  I just thought of something shareable (is that even a word?).  Back on January 18 (I think that’s what the news said anyway) a traveler came through SeaTac airport and exposed a bunch of folks to the measles.  Did you know people still get measles?  

Anyway, it was reported on the news this morning that a second case of measles has been confirmed in someone who was exposed at the airport last month.  (Wow, it’s February already!)  And of course that person visited his (or her) local grocery and Starbucks, thereby exposing a lot more people!  The newscast gave an overview of the symptoms to watch for and recommended seeing a doctor if you experience any of them.  Duh.  They also warned that measles is highly contagious (See?  So shareable!). 

Hey, have a great weekend!  And be careful sharing out there!

Oh and there’s that big football game this weekend too.  Go… um… hmm… GO TEAM!  Yeah, that’ll work.

7 thoughts on “I got nuttin’

  1. Hmmm. Your post does not give me any warm fuzzys at all….Those measles germs better clear outta Sea Tac before I get there next month is all I gotta say. 🙂

    • Grammy, look at this as an opportunity for an art project with Peanut. You and she can gather a bunch of sequins and water colors and don’t forget one of those extremely attractive germ blocking masks! A little glue around the edges, splashes of color here and there and you’ll be the most stylishly protected traveler at Sea Tac! 😉

  2. There was a woman in the 1800s who gave everyone a disease. I can’t, for the life of me remember what it was (typhoid, maybe), but she was a carrier for it. Didn’t EVEN know that she had been giving it to people she worked for. The world’s first serial killer who had no idea she was a killer. Crazy, right?

    • Definitely! I think you may be talking about Typhoid Mary. I didn’t realize she was real; I always thought she must have been the creation of some writer – the story just seemed too macabre to be real. Live and learn. Well, as long as you don’t come into contact with her. 😉

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