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Forty-three days and counting – Updated

…to Emerald City Comicon!  The other day I saw a bus placard proclaiming that Comicon was approaching and realized that this year I actually had a chance to go – wowza!

Usually I hear it about it afterward – either from Jen over at Epbot or when Wil Wheaton recaps his time in Seattle on his blog.  And I kick myself for missing it.  No, not literally!

Even if you’ve been here before you probably wouldn’t take me for a geeky nerdish type.  I’m not in-your-face geeky, but more of a stealth geek; I just have that sort of personality.  This is my geekiest shirt:

Dr. Hoo

For you non-geeks out there, that’s a Threadless design called Doctor Hoo.  I first saw it over at Cakewrecks in Jen’s Threadless cake post – yes, it really was turned into a cake!  If I have a chance I’ll go search for that post and link to it in an update.  I wear this to work and most people comment on how cute the owls are.  Few know what they represent.  See?  Stealth geek right here!

I haven’t always been a geek; I blame Hubs.  Nearly sixteen years ago he introduced me to Doctor Who, Farscape and others he’d been enjoying forever.  Together we watched Firefly and Star Gate, discovered the new Doctor, explored Warehouse 13, and revisited Star Trek and Star Wars.

In the process our youngest daughter absorbed the geekiness and I’m proud to say she’s a full fledged grown-up lady geek/gamer.  When I sent her the Comicon link yesterday and asked if she had any interest, she responded true to form: 

“OMG!!!!! VIP Passes are all gone!! 😦 I don’t know if I could go all three days but damn do I want to!!! We gotta get costumes MOM!!!”

That’s my girl! 😀

So peeps, anyone have an easy peasy costume idea for me?  If Hubs goes his costume is simple – so long as we can find a Wookie outfit in “Small Giant”!  Bwahahahahaha!

6 thoughts on “Forty-three days and counting – Updated

  1. I have no idea what this event is, but I’m glad you’re so excited about it! Costume……hmmmmm…………how about a Minion from Despicable Me?

  2. Bubbe, that is so awesome! I can’t say that I’m a comic nut but I do love Star Wars! When my Dalan was little (about 3 or 4) he began watching Star Wars on VHS tapes. He wore those suckers out! Austin actually fell in love with Wonder Woman. THAT was absolutely adorable. He was about 3 or 4 and I made him a collage of Lynda Carter pictures. He actually picked a photo that had cleavage! I about fainted. He was all boy, even back then! lol. I have the entire Wonder Woman movie collection, on VHS, but still.

    My brother has collected comic books since he was little. Has quite a few 1st editions that he won’t part with. He still buys comic books and he’s 45!

    I think there is something thrilling about comics and science fiction. Mysterious, too. I can see why so many people are drawn to it.

    I can’t wait to hear all about your adventure!!

    • I’m not into the comics so much myself, though I thoroughly enjoy watching the guys on The Big Bang Theory debate the different comic book heroes – LOL! I lean more to science fiction and fantasy. I love a good storyline but I can take some cheesy plots on occasion (Red Dwarf anyone?). There’s just something freeing about science fiction, space travel and other worlds. I’ll be sure to post about it after. 😀

  3. I went to my first con over the summer, and it was amazing. I can’t wait to go to more! It’s so cool to go somewhere and be unapologetically excited about things with other people who are unapologetically excited.

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