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Bad Blogger, No Cookie!

I confess.  I was MIA from the internet all damn weekend!  Including here.  But it was a good weekend so I’m happy with that.  My best friend got to drive over for a visit and we went to Goodwill!  I found an almost new rain jacket and two light cardigans for Spring!  Plus a really lovely Merona pullover in the most fabulous shade of wine!  Hell, if I can’t drink it at work at least I can wear it! 😀

Then daughter K joined us and we played Phase 10 with lots of laughter and cursing.  We always curse at Phase 10 ’cause the cards don’t like us!  It was good to laugh.  Friend had to head out after cards and daughter and I went for our THIRD pedicure!  I got a French style this time and while it’s okay I don’t know what all the fanfare is about these.  Next time I’m going back to color — I LOVE color!

Yesterday Hubs and I went back to Goodwill to pick up this cabinet he saw there which fits right in the corner where we had this messy baker’s rack and bookshelf.  I weeded through all the books on the bookshelf, set aside the ones I didn’t want for daughter A and tossed a bunch of stuff in recycling.  Then I stowed the books I’m keeping, our electronic leash charging station, the seal-a-meal and various pots and pans in the new (to us) cabinet.  Did a little vacuuming and wah la!  Neat corner!  Almost.  There are still four boxes stacked in the corner between the cabinet and the wall but they wouldn’t fit inside.  I was lucky the two crock pots fit on top!

Now I’m a bit achy from moving furniture, lifting books, etc.  But it’s that good kind of achy.  So I guess I can’t use it as an excuse to stay home and I had better go get ready for work!  Have a good day peeps!

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