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My name is Bubbe and I’m an over-sharer

That’s right Dear Reader, I open my mouth and all sorts of personal information spews forth beyond my control!

Case in point – at my last physical therapy session while doing my time on the treadmill I proceeded to fill in the physical therapist on how our holidays went, every last little detail.  Well, okay maybe not every detail.  But more information than she needed.  Or wanted I’m sure.  Including that I made it through sans alcohol

Over the time I’ve been going to PT I’m sure I’ve poured out more minutiae on my life than anyone would be interested in.  I’ve talked about my dysfunctional childhood up to and including the whole scenario about finding a long lost brother only years after he was murdered

I tell myself I’m not all that bad…I don’t bend just any stranger’s ear after all.  It’s not like I plant myself next to someone on the train and unload my entire life story!  I’m more apt to plug in earbuds and either bury myself in my Kindle or put my head back and try to doze.

However, put me in proximity to a person with whom I have some familiarity and watch out!  To give me a little credit though, R and C (the two physical therapists I’ve seen most frequently) also tell me about themselves.  I believe they chat about that sort of thing to make the client feel comfortable and also to take the focus off the discomfort of the therapy itself.  It isn’t always uncomfortable but in the early days it was pretty bad and I knew R was asking about my family to get my mind on something else.  And the distraction was welcome at the time.

Another example?  Earlier this morning on the elevator one of the paralegals asked how I was doing.  I couldn’t just say “Fine thanks,and you?” could I?  Of course not!  I had to say something about the touch of stomach flu I’d had yesterday and what a lousy way that was to start the new year!  Geez.  It’s a wonder I’ve managed to keep this blog anonymous I’m telling you!

So, anyone out there have a cure for over-sharing?

5 thoughts on “My name is Bubbe and I’m an over-sharer

  1. Oh Geesh, Guilty as Charged right here….except I’m kinda the worst kind of over-sharer as I share EVERYTHING on the dang blog AND to whomever will stand still long enough for me to spill my guts. I’m pretty sure the cashiers at Walmart run when they see me coming….

    However, rather than stick ourselves with the moniker “Over Sharer” I’d prefer to be think of us as “Open Books” or maybe “The Hearts on our Sleeves Girls”….too lame?? I suppose “Blabber Mouths” is outta the question…


  2. We should start a club. My coworkers know way more about my craaaazy stalker not-exboyfriend-because-we-only-went-out-twice-but-now-he-won’t-leave-me-alone than they ever wanted to.

    See what I mean?

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