Kangaroo Dundee

As promised, let me tell you about a documentary Hubs and I watched over the weekend – Kangaroo Dundee.  Well, we saw Part 1.  BBC lured us in with cute little joeys and then cut it off after an hour damn it.  Part 2 airs this coming weekend so you know what I’ll be doing. 

Brolga lives in the Australian Outback near Alice Springs where he shares a 90 acre kangaroo sanctuary with a mob of 25 ‘roos.  That’s what you call a group of kangaroos – a mob.  I love learning new stuff!  He rescues joeys orphaned when their mothers are hit by vehicles.  In Part 1 he rescues William from the highway and brings him home.  William, not ready to leave his mother’s pouch, requires 24/7 care and nurturing to survive, even to the point that Brolga snuggles him into bed with him.  Brolga wakes every few hours to prepare milk and feed the orphan.  It was fascinating and touching to watch this lanky 6’7″ Australian become a kangaroo mum. 

Feeding a hungry joey.

Feeding a hungry joey.

With breathtaking cinematography and Brolga’s obvious passion for these lovely creatures, the program mesmerized me.  At one point I turned to Hubs and said, “Can we move to Australia and help him?”  That was before I learned that Brolga lives in a one-room tin shack without running water or bathroom facilities.  See?  That right there is passion!  I’ve hauled my share of water and I could do it again if I had to, but I’d really prefer to have a genuine bathroom. 

Anyway, back to the program.  Using specially designed cameras – and thanks to the kangaroo’s trust in Brolga – the filmmakers were able to capture the progress of a kangaroo embryo as it developed in the pouch.  There are no words to describe it! 

Later, Brolga visits Cynthia and Anne Marie in Alice Springs when William seems lonely and despondent (he did just lose his mama after all).  Cynthia, a retired nurse and Anne Marie, a dog hairdresser preside over a house full of joeys, hopping around in nappies (diapers to us) while they’re nursed back to health.  Cynthia sent Brolga home with two female joeys close in age to William.  Brolga bundles each of the three into their own pillowcase and nestles them close together to sleep near the stove.  The care and feeding, laundry (his joeys don’t wear nappies so he’s constantly washing the pillowcases he carries them around in) and snuggling are tripled.  But it doesn’t phase Brolga.  It’s clear he loves what he is doing. 

If you have access to BBC Two I highly recommend you check it out.  And for more photos visit the Sanctuary’s website linked above. 

You’re welcome!

TV Fodder

Have you heard about Catfish?  No, not the yummy fried variety; the TV show.  Yep, there’s a program on MTV called Catfish.  It was spawned (heh, see what I did there?) by a 2010 documentary of the same name.  Grab a cup of coffee and get comfy and I’ll tell you all about it.  Whether you want me to or not. 

The documentary released in 2010 was made by Ariel Schulman (“Rel”) and his friend Henry Joost when they began filming the life of Ariel’s brother Yaniv Schulman in late 2007.  Nev (pronounced Neev) was a 24 year old photographer in New York at the time.  SPOILERS AHEAD! 

Angela contacted Nev via Facebook to ask for permission to paint one of his photographs.  The two began corresponding and Nev fell in love.  To make a long story short, Angela had used a name that was not hers and photos that were not of her in her profile.  So when Nev went to meet her – followed by his brother and Joost with cameras at the ready, he was heartbroken to find that she wasn’t who she purported to be.  Gee, what a surprise.  (Disclaimer:  I haven’t seen the movie so my sarcasm may be unwarranted.  Um, yeah.)

However, when the movie was released Nev was quickly inundated with emails from folks who had similar experiences.  So Nev and his friend Max Joseph decided to make a TV version of Catfish for MTV and the rest is history.  In each television episode Nev goes through his email and picks a lucky (?) correspondent to help.  He and Max go to the person’s hometown to meet them and find out more about the online relationship they’re in.  Following the initial meeting they research the “partner”.  Then they contact that other person and persuade him/her to meet their online “crush”.  If an agreement is reached, Nev and Max (and the MTV crew) accompany the first person to wherever the other person lives.  Wow that’s not awkward at all is it?  (Both the sentence structure and the situation.)

I wasn’t excited about the show’s premise; it seemed a bit unrealistic to me.  Doesn’t everyone know you have to be careful about meeting people online?  And wouldn’t you recognize a red flag like the other person not being able or willing to meet you…over and over and over?  But somehow I got hooked (Catfish – heh) and I had trouble turning it off last night.  Part of the appeal for me is the hope that someone will go to meet their “soul mate” and find the person really is real, and really does love them.  I met Hubs via a telephone service before either of us had Internet so I know it can happen.  And in the opening segment where they show clips from different episodes there’s this one clip that shows Nev jumping up and down with happiness.  The couple is off camera so you don’t see them but I can only surmise that the meeting went well.  I sooo want to see that happen! 

So far I’ve seen two different episodes where the person on the other end of the computer was a woman – when they were supposed to be men.  Another episode where the woman who sought help had been in the online relationship for 10+ years!  Whoa. 

I think part of what I like about the show is that Nev is right there with the person who asked for help, being encouraging and supportive.  And following the meeting he tries to help the two people find some closure – which is not always easy.  Overall I’d give the show 4 or 5 stars out of 10.  I still have trouble with the fact that folks in today’s day and age (especially in the US where we’re usually beyond savvy) aren’t more careful online and I have a hard time feeling sympathy for those who get hoodwinked.  But I really, really want to see the episode where Nev gets so excited he’s jumping up and down! 

Stay tuned peeps.  Tomorrow (or the next day) I’ll tell you a little story about an unusual kangaroo mum.  If you could see the beaming smile on my face you’d be excited about it too!  😀

Something peaceful

This is my coffee cup.  The one I use at work every day.

small cup

You probably can’t read all the words on it but those are waterlilies floating about.  I found this in a gift shop attached to a favorite restaurant of ours some time ago.  My original idea was to use it as a gift someday.  But the more I looked at it, the more I wanted to keep it so I could see it every day and be reminded to “Rush not. Be still, it takes the time that it takes.” 

It also reminds me of my favorite artist, Claude Monet.  I never went to college (beyond a couple of classes in English and paralegal studies) so I didn’t have the opportunity to learn a lot about Art.  But over the years I’ve seen many of Monet’s paintings and always … ALWAYS, they have given me a sense of peace. 

Le Bassin aux Nympheas - Claude Monet (1917-19)

Le Bassin aux Nympheas – Claude Monet (1917-19)

So I thought I’d pass it on.  Here’s to a peaceful day.

Forty-three days and counting – Updated

…to Emerald City Comicon!  The other day I saw a bus placard proclaiming that Comicon was approaching and realized that this year I actually had a chance to go – wowza!

Usually I hear it about it afterward – either from Jen over at Epbot or when Wil Wheaton recaps his time in Seattle on his blog.  And I kick myself for missing it.  No, not literally!

Even if you’ve been here before you probably wouldn’t take me for a geeky nerdish type.  I’m not in-your-face geeky, but more of a stealth geek; I just have that sort of personality.  This is my geekiest shirt:

Dr. Hoo

For you non-geeks out there, that’s a Threadless design called Doctor Hoo.  I first saw it over at Cakewrecks in Jen’s Threadless cake post – yes, it really was turned into a cake!  If I have a chance I’ll go search for that post and link to it in an update.  I wear this to work and most people comment on how cute the owls are.  Few know what they represent.  See?  Stealth geek right here!

I haven’t always been a geek; I blame Hubs.  Nearly sixteen years ago he introduced me to Doctor Who, Farscape and others he’d been enjoying forever.  Together we watched Firefly and Star Gate, discovered the new Doctor, explored Warehouse 13, and revisited Star Trek and Star Wars.

In the process our youngest daughter absorbed the geekiness and I’m proud to say she’s a full fledged grown-up lady geek/gamer.  When I sent her the Comicon link yesterday and asked if she had any interest, she responded true to form: 

“OMG!!!!! VIP Passes are all gone!! 😦 I don’t know if I could go all three days but damn do I want to!!! We gotta get costumes MOM!!!”

That’s my girl! 😀

So peeps, anyone have an easy peasy costume idea for me?  If Hubs goes his costume is simple – so long as we can find a Wookie outfit in “Small Giant”!  Bwahahahahaha!

Too Much Fun

Yes Virginia, there is such a thing as Too Much Fun.  And I have the swollen, sore knee to prove it!

Friday after work I made Hubs go with me to the Burlington Coat Factory near us.  It’s too dang cold here and I needed me some warmer gloves/mittens for my commute.  Plus I had gift cards!  Luckily I found some cozy, mittens – the kind with the flip-top over the fingers.  They’re lined with a soft fabric and are knit in a variegated yarn in shades of gray, black, red, white, gold, and even some light brown.  It sounds strange but they’re way funky cool!  (Yes “funky cool” is too a thing!)

After that find I went on the hunt for a new hat.  My old slouchy Land’s End hat is comfy but the rolled brim style doesn’t work with my new winter coat’s collar so I needed something that didn’t have a brim all the way ’round.  Nailed it again!  I LOVE the cute new hat I found – it has one of those mock visors in front with a knit flower attached to one side.  And the best part?  It pulls down over my ears (mostly) so they stay warmer!

Deed done, I started looking for ankle weights but there were none to be found at Burlington and after checking out when Hubs suggested we step into the mall and see whether there was a sporting goods store I agreed.  We found a directory and the Sports Authority didn’t look all that far away.  Um, don’t trust those lying store directories!  Just sayin’.  (But I did find my ankle weights, so it worked out.)  And that was only Friday.

Saturday we got off to a slow start, thankfully.  We were due in Factoria to have an early dinner with the Fam for Mom’s 83rd birthday but that was hours away so I took my time getting ready.  I love having the time to take my time, you know? 

And dinner with everyone was nice:  no tension which was sooo welcome.  Mom wanted to eat at Goldberg’s Famous Delicatessen so the family converged on Factoria from all over.  Goldberg’s has well-deserved excellent reviews and if you like deli fare you should definitely experience it if you get out this way.  I’d stay away from the take-home stuff though.  While it’s yummy personified it can get pricey!

After the food and visiting and birthday cake (and holding the grandbaby) we all said our goodbyes and made our way home.  Hubs and I stopped over at daughter K’s to watch Looper with her before going home ourselves.  It’s an involved storyline that requires you to pay close attention so it took me awhile to really get into it but I loved it, though I wasn’t entirely happy with the ending. 😦  No spoilers!  But if you like adventure stories or time travel or even SciFi you’ll probably enjoy this.  It’s one I’ll watch again and again I think.

On Sunday we lazed around the house for hours before finally packing up the dogs and the vacuum cleaner and heading to Puyallup.  Several years ago we bought an Oreck Ultra 21 XL or XL 21 or something.  It was guaranteed for 21 years y’all!  The only condition is that we have it tuned up every year for free!  Okay, the tune-up itself is free; any needed parts we have to pay for (except the belt which they replace as part of the tune-up).  The only thing we’ve ever had to pay for is the roller bar and I think we’ve replaced that a total of twice in seven years (this being the second time).  Oh and we have to buy replacement bags when we run out.  It’s a sweet deal and even with all the dog hair, horse hair, cat hair, farm dirt, dust, etc. the vacuum has never failed me! 

After the Oreck’s tune-up we searched via our Garmin for a nearby park where we could walk the dogs.  Less than a mile away we found Bradley Lake Park – WOW!  Just WOW!  I almost wished we lived in Puyallup so we could walk the dogs there every day!  Even with leftover snow on the ground the park was amazing!  The small lake is open for people-powered boats and there’s a .8 mile paved path all around the lake and through the woods on the opposite side from where we were.  I’m planning to tackle that path the next warm weekend we have!  As it was the dogs loved going right down to the edge of the lake where the water was frozen.  Climbing down the bank and then back up was probably what finally did my knee in though.  Even so, I can’t wait till we can go back there. 

And hey y’all, I brought you back a souvenir!  Check this out – taken with the new Smart phone my daughter gave me for Christmas!

Sunset - resized

Definitely too much fun.  My knee was so swollen and sore I opted to stay home from work Monday and spent much of the day with it elevated and under the ice pack.  It’s a bit better today and it was SO worth it!


I first saw this last week on my buddy GhostCat’s blog and I haven’t been able to forget about it. I shared it with a few people personally but I still couldn’t get it out of my head, it’s that cool!  Enjoy!!

GhostCat Chronicles

I found this video on Pinterest the other day, it was the final project for the woman’s Textile Arts degree. I’m hoping she got it.

Black Forest Cake from Marion Ber on Vimeo.

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UPDATED (twice): Bad Blogger, No Cookie!

I confess.  I was MIA from the internet all damn weekend!  Including here.  But it was a good weekend so I’m happy with that.  My best friend got to drive over for a visit and we went to Goodwill!  I found an almost new rain jacket and two light cardigans for Spring!  Plus a really lovely Merona pullover in the most fabulous shade of wine!  (Update #2:  My middle aged eyes are playing tricks on me.  It’s more of a raspberry than a wine.  Oh well.)  Hell, if I can’t drink it at work at least I can wear it! 😀

Then daughter K joined us and we played Phase 10 with lots of laughter and cursing.  We always curse at Phase 10 ’cause the cards don’t like us!  It was good to laugh.  Friend had to head out after cards and daughter and I went for our THIRD pedicure!  I got a French style this time and while it’s okay I don’t know what all the fanfare is about these.  Next time I’m going back to color — I LOVE color!

Yesterday Hubs and I went back to Goodwill to pick up this cabinet he saw there which fits right in the corner where we had this messy baker’s rack and bookshelf.  I weeded through all the books on the bookshelf, set aside the ones I didn’t want for daughter A and tossed a bunch of stuff in recycling.  Then I stowed the books I’m keeping, our electronic leash charging station, the seal-a-meal and various pots and pans in the new (to us) cabinet.  Did a little vacuuming and wah la!  Neat corner!  Almost.  There are still four boxes stacked in the corner between the cabinet and the wall but they wouldn’t fit inside.  I was lucky the two crock pots fit on top!

Now I’m a bit achy from moving furniture, lifting books, etc.  But it’s that good kind of achy.  So I guess I can’t use it as an excuse to stay home and I had better go get ready for work!  Have a good day peeps!

Update:  It’s a good thing my weekend was nice ’cause it sure is a Monday!  Got to the train station only to find out my train had been canceled.  At least Hubs hadn’t left yet so I was able to wait a bit longer in the Suburban before having to go get in line.  As you might imagine when one of the morning trains is canceled the next one will be packed.  So if you’re not close to the front of the line it can be tricky getting a seat.  And since I’m not carrying a cane any more I can’t even play the sympathy card.  Wah!

Don’t get me started on the rain and wind!