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The Plan’s the Thing*

Recently I got a great bit of news – my buddy Grammy is coming to town – woo hoo!  I knew plans were in the works for a Spring visit but no dates had been set.  Until now!  Yes!

And I get to entertain her for a day while Chef Vivi caters some lucky bride’s wedding!  How cool is that?

So I’m putting on my thinking cap and attempting to come up with suitable amusements.  Here’s a draft agenda:

Morning-ish:  Pick up Grammy at ferry

Next:  Hmm.  We could do the typical touristy stuff; I know Grammy enjoyed the Pike Place Market and wished she could spend more time there.  I love visiting it too so we could easily spend a few hours there.  Mmm, love me some of those fresh made donut holes! 

Then, who’s up for sushi?  You can’t see me but I’m making a face.  Not to worry though, my daughter K assures me even I will like Blue Fin Sushi.  She’s been trying to get me there FOR FREAKIN’ EVER.  If Grammy doesn’t mind a little extra company I’d really like K to join us for the day.  I foresee a LOT of laughter and carrying on!

Finally?  Grammy is a crafty wench who loves DIY stuff and repurposing projects.  See here.   And also here.  I think we may have to find a thrift store or three.  Grammy raved about the Bremerton Goodwill which she visited multiple times with Chef Vivi on her last trip.  I was thinking maybe we could check out the Seattle Goodwill before we take her back to the ferry.  It’s one of the larger stores and I’ve never been there (at least I don’t remember being there) so it’s a bit of a mystery whether it’s as nice as Bremerton.  Worth the risk?  Perhaps.

The other iffy touristy thing I might include would be visiting the Space Needle.  When Grammy and Hubs were here last July they went whale watching, visited the Seattle Aquarium and as I mentioned earlier, the Market.  I don’t know whether the Needle has any attraction for Grammy but I’ll put it out there just in case.  Or we could Ride the Ducks! 

So there you have it folks – the first draft of our Plan of Amusements.  Grammy?  Any thoughts?  Suggestions?  Additions?  Can’t wait to see you my friend!

*with apologies to Leverage (Season 5 finale) and William Shakespeare.

2 thoughts on “The Plan’s the Thing*

  1. Oooooh…what to do? What to do?? I’m always up for Sushi, but only if you are! Perusing the Goodwill would be fun, but only if it’s not on the opposite side of Seattle from where you’ll pick me up. I just love antique/junk shopping of any kind if you know of some little shops in your town. I adore touring old historical sites, museums etc and I would not turn down Pikes Market.. I’m up for anything except going up in the Space Needle, my vertigo would kick in! Don’t feel like you have to go to a lot of fuss entertaining me PLEASE, Sitting somewhere with a nice cup of coffee/tea and people watching is always fun too!

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