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Holiday Highlights

Irony:  True or false?  When you bring a white elephant gift to the party and your Ex ends up with it. 

This year Hanukkah began December 8th and continued until December 16.  While we don’t officially celebrate it in our home (Hubs is Jewish but I am not) we have brought out his family menorahs and lit the candles in the past.  I love the tradition of it, the history. 

Is it odd that the only person who wished Hubs a Happy Hanukkah was the (step – shh, we don’t say step in our house) daughter? 

I managed to survive the whole family deal ALCOHOL FREE!  Although not by choice I must point out.  They just weren’t serving any.  Probably a good thing.

More irony:  My white elephant gift was two personal size bottles of white zin!  If I could have gotten away with it, I would have cracked those puppies open and it wouldn’t have been alcohol free!  But I was a good girl and now they’re waiting for me at home.  Something to look forward to!

All in all it was a relatively good holiday.  No blood was shed, and only a few tears were.  But that’s a post for another day.  So?  How was your holiday?


11 thoughts on “Holiday Highlights

  1. Packed with a zero dark thirty phone call from mum, an early wake up call from sister, and WAY too much food that my stomach still hates me over. Oh, and Die Hard. You know, because of tradition 😀

  2. We enjoyed much giggling at the Peanut Butter Baby’s excitement over opening presents…Hers, mine, Poppa’s, pretty much everybody’s!! Can’t wait for next year’s Double dose of Grandbaby fun!!

    Really glad you survived yours. I’d hate to have to drive to Washington just to poop in someone’s driveway on your behalf. But I would…..:)

  3. Bubbe, my brother-in-law (now ex) is Jewish and I had the chance to experience “Hanukkah” once. It was really great. He lit the candles and sang in Hebrew!

    I’ve been visiting with family all week, so that makes me happy. Everyone’s been “good”, no dysfunction. Maybe because I’ve been on MY best behavior. lol.

    Hard to believe it’s almost over. But YOU know I’m actually glad about that. 😉

    Three cheers to 2013! It WILL be a good one…for all us gals!


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