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Twiddling Virtually

What is it about spam?  No, not the Hormel version; the cyber version.  Am I using “cyber” correctly in this context?  Do I care?  Not even a little bit at the moment.  I’m at work and I’m bored.  Things tend to slow down during the holidays and even though I’ve had some work stuff to do I’m all caught up for now.  So I’m figuratively twiddling my thumbs.  I would have said literally but that would have been a lie.  How can you twiddle your thumbs AND type at the same time?  Can’t be done.  No. It. Can’t.  If you disagree you’ll have to prove it to me.  Video yourself doing it, post it on your blog and maybe then I’ll buy that it’s possible.  But probably not.  I’m obstinate that way.

So because I’m bored I log in to WordPress to mess around on my blog and I find 56 spam messages!  That probably isn’t a lot compared to what some of you receive but it seems like a lot to me.  Curious, I skimmed the list.  On the first page every message but one (18) was identified with the phrase lista de email or emails.  The one holdout was north face pink ribbon jacket.  Seriously. (They did all have individual email addresses but their aliases I guess? were almost all the same.)  Way to stand out!

Also because I’m bored, rather than immediately empty the spam folder which I haven’t done in awhile – and is probably why I have 56 – I start reading them.  I didn’t open them, I just read the snippet that WordPress lets me see from the inbox.  You would think I was some kind of blogging genius.  No, really.  Look:

claudio_nan2005 had this to say:  “yes! you did an awesome job! the blog looks great, and a belated congratulations!”  Obviously he didn’t read the post he was commenting about – Full of the Awe or he would have found a synonym for awesome, don’t you think?

cesarnozaki chimed in:  “you should publish more articles like this and you will be famous.  you have the talent to become a super star. your article is supuerb. keep it up.”  This comment was on my Sucess post.  Yeah, I should publish more posts about hanging my Christmas lights and annoying my husband.  You keep it up cesar.  Come back and compliment me some more!  Maybe read the post first though, m’kay?

Before that carlosbraga said he’d “seen some websites with very poor texts, and the attention they give to the readers is also poor.  I hope that yours will be different.”  I’ve got your different right here carlos!  Nobody asked you to come here and read my blog and fill my spam folder!

In addition, carinanabuco thanked me for my “excellent review.”  Since this comment was attached to my Recommended Reading page there’s a slim possibility it’s genuine.  Yeah, right.  And I’m a size 12!

Finally?  This gem from celo_ros:  “your texts are worthy a trophy, congratulations.”

Thank you.  Thank you very much.  (Reaches for tissue) Sniff.



4 thoughts on “Twiddling Virtually

  1. Isn’t that why it goes to a spam folder? Because it’s being filtered away from my really real comments? I may have to do some research and see whether I’m missing out on that. SInce I’m using the free version of WordPress I’m not always clear on what is included. Next time my boss slips me a bonus I think I’m upgrading. 😉

    • Mmm bacon. I love that you compared me to bacon! One of my very favorite foods! And blogspot hates me; I wrote a whole post about it a long time ago. I’m at this very moment trying to comment on your post today. Not too successfully I might add. Mmm, bacon!

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