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Success! Sort of.

It didn’t rain Saturday!  Not the drenching, gushing downpour I was afraid of anyway.  It was a bit on the misty, damp side, but those are the kind of raindrops I can easily dodge.  I foraged in the shed and pulled out several strings of Christmas lights along with my wreath and some red and green tissue paper.  Yes!  Only two bulbs were burned out too! 

My brain must have been functioning okay last year because I thought ahead and packed the wreath hanger with the wreath!  How efficient was that?  I was able to hang the wreath up immediately.  But I had to make repairs to it with a twist tie.  I’m not safe to operate a glue gun or I would have done it correctly.  As it is, the twist tie is only a little noticeable and at some point I’ll get Hubs to replace that with some hot glue. 

Then we met daughter K at the train station and went to brunch.  Followed by some shopping and by the time we got home it was too dark to hang lights.  That’s the way it goes sometimes.  Especially in Seattle where the days are growing shorter much too quickly.

On Sunday it was more than a bit misty but not quite a deluge so we tried again.  We used those plastic gutter hooks and hung the first string along the front of the house.  Or I should give Hubs full credit.  He can reach the gutter from the deck without any step stool or ladder.  Picture our deck planted in the middle of the front of the mobile home, open to stairs at each end.  The mobile is without decking at both the front and back so there was no way to hang lights there without a ladder.  Which we don’t have.  So there’s a lonely string of lights along the front of the house from one end of the deck to the other and where we had more lights than we could reach to hang we brought them down and circled the window in the front. 

Before we could do any of that though we needed a way to fasten the string to the wall and Hubs’ staple gun has been MIA since we moved.  Off to Wally World we went.  We needed milk and dog food anyway.  Hubs forgot his phone and when I asked him where we should meet he said electronics.  Welllll, I forgot.  I was up by the deli near the entrance waiting for several minutes before I remembered I was supposed to meet him in the grown-up toy department.  By the time I got there he was nowhere in sight.  So I thought maybe he was still in hardware and I headed that way.  Hey, it could happen! 

I didn’t see him anywhere near hardware and I reversed course back to electronics.  Where I found him walking toward me from the grocery end of the store.  Mr. Grumpy Pants wasn’t happy about not being able to find me after we specifically agreed to meet in electronics.  Yeah, sometimes I aggravate him unintentionally.  Imagine if I was trying to drive him crazy!  We often have discussions about how surprised we are to still be together after all these years.  The usual consensus is that no one else would put up with us which is probably true. 

Back home he loaded the new staple gun and headed out front while I donned my gloves and carried another string of lights out back.  After much wrapping my tiny back porch looked quite festive.  The only down side is that when the lights are on that chasing/flashing combo I feel like I’m going to have a seizure.  I quickly changed the light pattern to the slow fade on/off.  I must be getting old or something. 

There you have it – a successful weekend.  Sort of. 

And how are your decorations coming?  🙂

8 thoughts on “Success! Sort of.

  1. Sister and I made a half hearted attempt at DIY ornaments. Justice League took over for her, a visit with a friend for me. Lights are going around a palm plant to serve as our tree. We’re SO ridiculously lame about decorations, lol.

    • I don’t agree that’s lame. I think a palm plant with lights could be adorable. I’m jealous; I can’t fit my tree in our mobile home. It was purchased for the farmhouse and is huge. 😦

  2. I am so DONE with the decorating. The kids get what they get and if they want it ALL put up they can come do it!! The only thing Avery has shown interest in is the window clings on the patio doors so she thinks I’m awesome! We don’t put up outside lights anymore since Viv left us, Hubs and I are both afraid of heights so no way we’re getting on the ladder!!

    PS…I hope Santa mistakes your back porch for a landing strip!

    • My back porch is so tiny he couldn’t land on it unless he plopped down on his big butt! He could definitely land in the street nearby though. Maybe I should get the neighbors together to set lights out long both curbs? 😀

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