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Please don’t let it rain tomorrow

It’s been kind of a downer week.  At work it’s been nutso crazy what with the Powers That Be emphasizing how important it is to get out the year-end invoices A-S-A-freakin’-P!  So hopefully our clients will rush them through the payment process and get us our money before the end of the year so our bottom line looks healthy.  Like they have nothing better to do themselves, right?

Home’s another story.  Hubs has been in the doldrums again.  He’d pulled himself out of the funk there for awhile.  Avoiding the Ex over Thanksgiving helped.  But with circumstances and finances weighing on him, he’s been grumpier than a bear whose hibernation is interrupted.  As a result he’s not sleeping much (ha!  hibernation interruptus!) and what sleep he gets is during the day while I’m at work.  Which of course leads to more sleeplessness at night.

So tomorrow IF it doesn’t rain, I’m going to dig through the shed out back and pull out our Christmas lights and hang them.  I’ll figure out how to get power to them later.  For now I just want them up.  I need a little cheeriness and seeing them up there waiting to flash a welcome home for me will be so lovely.  Plus I need to get out whatever Christmas wrap I still have and wrap the grandson’s gift as well as the white elephant present I’m bringing to work next week.

Please keep your fingers crossed for me that it is somewhat dry tomorrow?  Appreciate it!  And if I can do anything for you, just give a yell.  I’ll be over here spiking my hot cocoa with marshmallow vodka.


10 thoughts on “Please don’t let it rain tomorrow

  1. Bubbe, I would send you sunny weather from Pittsburgh…but…it’s raining here! I swear, behind Washington, Pennsylvania must be the second LEAST sunniest state!

    My hubs has been kinda bummie lately too. But I get it. Our son is STILL healing. And we can’t make it go any faster. We can’t make it better. We CAN’T buy him new fingers for Christmas!

    If only we could…

    But he will be home for six weeks for college break. So that will be really great!

    And if we don’t all die on Dec 21st..well, then I think we might be doin’ pretty darn good. 😉

    Sending hugs, sweetie. It just gotta get better!!


    • Exactly! I haven’t tried it yet but my daughter said her boss told her about it. Have you seen all the flavored vodkas they’re selling now? There’s a chocolate cake flavored vodka for heaven’s sake! And now that Washington voters decided to take the liquor monopoly away from the state they’re every – freakin’-where! 😀

  2. Marshmallow vodka in the cocoa…..That my Friend is just showing off your brilliance. My fingers, toes and eyes are crossed for dry WA weather for the weekend, if I trip and fall down it’s all on you!

    • Be vewy, vewy careful Grammy! And it’s looking good for a safari out to the shed; “mostly cloudy with a showers”. I’m going to have a cup of coffee and head out with my trusty flashlight in mere minutes! Have a great weekend!

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