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Smug much?

From the Merriam-Webster website:

Definition of SMUG

1: trim or smart in dress : spruce
2: scrupulously clean, neat, or correct : tidy
3: highly self-satisfied
smug·ly adverb
smug·ness noun

Guess which one I’m talking about. 

After yesterday’s post lauding how wonderful the Sounder southline was and how it was never, ever cancelled?  This morning two separate trains were cancelled.  Okay, to be fair I didn’t say that it had never, ever been cancelled.  Just that in the time I’ve been commuting via said train service I’d never experienced a cancellation.  Well I still haven’t I guess since it wasn’t my train that was cancelled.  But it impacted my train.

This morning when I arrived at the station passengers were swarming for the stairs so I presumed the station agent had announced a track change.  You have to go up two flights of stairs to the bridge to cross to the other side.  It didn’t click right away that there were a LOT of people.  Not until I got off the elevator on the other side and went to my regular line only to find it was stretched almost to the parking lot!

While standing in line I overheard someone talking about delays and cancellations and wondered why I hadn’t received an alert on my phone.  And then I lamented that as far back in the line as I was I would probably end up standing at least part way to Seattle.  The train arrived and as it slowed through the station I could see it was already loaded and I inadvertently blurted “Shit!”  Definitely going to be standing now dammit.  But providence was with me!  As I neared the door I saw two of the bulkhead seats were vacant and I mentally crossed my fingers.

A few moments later I claimed the aisle seat and breathed a sigh of relief, along with a heartfelt thank you!  It meant being by the doors where you feel every gust of wind when the doors open at the other stations, but it was worth it to be off my knee for the duration. 

So what has Bubbe learned from this?  It will be a cold day in hell before I brag about my train again!  I’ll just keep my satisfaction to myself thank you very much.

And also?  Who comes up with those definitions?  I’m just sayin’.

What say you?

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