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Unfortunately not the yummy cocktail.  Or the scrumptious frozen treat.  But a down and dirty (see what I did there? :D) weather-related event

When we were losing the farm and looking for somewhere (anywhere but the back of the Suburban) to live I locked into OCD mode and started my research by polling some of my co-workers.  I asked them where they lived (duh), how they liked it, and what their commute was like.  It wasn’t as though my commute could get much worse than 2+ hours each way but I wanted to know what to expect. 

I discovered a LOT of my coworkers lived north of Seattle.  They expounded about its beauty, friendliness, lower tax bracket.  Commute times ranged as I would expect since some folks lived further north than others.  Most commutes involved riding the bus for a lonnng time.  Not my cup of tea.  But I knew the Sounder (commuter train) ran between Everett and Seattle because a former attorney with our office took it.  When it ran that is. 

In spite of the extremely high marks for the north, I focused my search on the south.  I wasn’t born yesterday.  In Seattle it rains … a LOT.  But unless you’re from another planet you probably knew that.  Knowing it intellectually is a bit different from knowing it up close and personal.  We get multiple flood warnings from Fall through Spring and invariably there’s a whole slew of mudslides in the area.   One of the areas hardest hit by mudslides is up north, near the commuter rail line.  This is from today’s Seattle Times:  “Mudslides have prompted several service cancellations since Thanksgiving week.” (Alexa Vaughn).  This is from a news item about train service resuming today for the Seattle-Everett route.  It also recommends watching the Sounder website as more storms are expected and conditions can change accordingly. 

The trains to and from my home in the south have been delayed but never cancelled as long as I’ve been riding them.  That’s peace of mind right there.  It doesn’t hurt that our place is only ten minutes from the train station.  So my commute went from more than two hours one way to about an hour and a half.  In my book that’s a WIN!

Now if they’d only figure out a way to cover the station platform so when the monsoons hit we don’t get drenched.

5 thoughts on “Mudslide

  1. I have a confession. I’ve never ridden on a train…(or a commuter bus for that matter) and while I don’t feel I’m missing any big thrills about my lack of bus time, I’m thinking the train sounds kinda romantic in a old-timey-nostalgic kind of way, not a smoochy-smoochy kind. I’m pretty sure I’d be staring out the window the whole time waiting for that handsome Butch Cassidy to ride up along side and politely rob the thing…..

    • I like it better than the bus, not as much as the ferry. But the train wins for the shorter timing hands down. Even as comfy as it was on the ferry it took forever to get home. When I’m waiting at the station in the evening I often see the Amtrak passenger trains boarding and I’ve many times wished I could just join them. Some day maybe.

      • Oooooh the ferry! Loved it!! I could happily ride it every day, not to commute to work (cuz that’s a 4 letter word to me!) but just because….:)

  2. I firmly believe a bad commute can ruin your day. I drive, but I take one of the bigger side streets that runs parallel to the highway that would deliver me right to my office door, even though my route takes about ten minutes longer. That highway can be a nightmare!

    • Preach it sista! Amen! I avoid the highways/freeways whenever possible. I even shut my eyes when we’re in downtown traffic because it freaks me out that they get so close. It’s okay though, Hubs drives downtown! 😀

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