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Apologies in advance – this post is GROSS!

Are you certain you want to read more?  Seriously?  I mean, was my warning above not clear?  Well proceed at your own peril.  I take no responsibility for offending your sensibilities.  It’s all on you.

Understand going in that these thoughts all promenaded through my head in a matter of seconds.  I know it reads like it took awhile but the entire train of thought was into and out of the station in less than a minute. 

So the other night I was lying in bed with the bedroom door closed cause Hubs was still up and about.  Through the door I could hear the cat hacking and coughing and I knew – just KNEW there would soon be a nasty mess on my carpet!  To be completely honest, she doesn’t throw up hairballs so much as a conglomeration of stomach contents, none of which I would choose to dwell on…or step in.  However, even as I adjusted to the knowledge of what was coming and realized I should probably get up to take care of it, a second thought followed immediately.  The mess wouldn’t last long because our Lab-mix would promptly clean it up – ACK!  (I did warn you.) 

That thought led me to wonder what could possibly be so attractive about a cat’s stomach contents that a dog would eagerly Hoover it up.  And again with the ACK! 

On the heels of that question I found myself trying to imagine how desperate I’d have to be to clean up after a cat — OH EM GEE that’s nasty! 

But you were warned.  You were!  Go back and read the disclaimer in the title and first paragraph! 

Okay, I am sorry.  The things I do to have something to post.  But this was a true train of thought from the other night.  Hell, I couldn’t make this shit up! 

Happy Monday!

6 thoughts on “Apologies in advance – this post is GROSS!

  1. Did you know that Golden Retrievers are orally fixated? Well they are, which means if it fits in their mouth they will eat it….I can always tell when mine has eaten something he shouldn’t have as I will be awakened by the same yakking noise. I usually wake up in time to quickly usher him to the back door where he can urp in the grass, but I have on occasion not. I confess to sometimes ignoring said yakking/urping, comforted by the thought that Pug will clean up the mess for me. I’m not proud, but sometimes sleep is more important than avoiding thoughts of uber grossness going on…..:)

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