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November’s Last Hurrah

It’s time to change my wallpaper.  No silly, not my literal wallpaper.  Who wants that hassle?  The wallpaper on my computer monitor(s).  The “s” is there because I have two monitors on my desk, side by side.  I never thought I’d like having two monitors; turns out it’s very cool.  When I click on an email it opens on the opposite screen so I can still see the inbox.  I know right?  Big whoop!  What is really neat though is when an attorney sends me a document they’ve effed up with a bunch of changes; now I can open it on one screen,  open the master version on the other and make the changes without having to click back and forth between two open documents OR print a hard copy and highlight the changes so I don’t miss any.  

But I digress – I started talking about my wallpaper so let’s get back to that shall we?  The view is down a tree-lined street or maybe it’s a driveway with beautiful fall leaves on the trees and carpeting the road.  There’s a weathered old farm-style fence on the right and at the end is what looks like a cabin or perhaps a barn – only a portion is visible so it’s hard to tell exactly. 

But fall is over.  I know winter doesn’t officially begin until mid-December-ish but looking outdoors confirms that fall is over.  The vibrant leaves are all wet and mucky.  The air is no longer crisp … it’s just cold darn it.  So I’ll pull that wallpaper down and find something else to adorn my work area.  It’s all good.  Cold, but good. 

Here are the final excerpts from the gratitude book.  I didn’t get to all of them, but it was a fun experiment and many of them reminded me that I have much to be thankful for.  How about you?

“Not wanting what my neighbor has.”  Melisa M. Fearn, Murray, KY

“The glimmering evening sun dancing across the lake.”  Bertie Kepley, Delta, CO

“The sound of rain on my windowpane as I fall asleep.”  Julie Westbrook, Los Angeles, CA

“The ability to write.  While I can’t be sure my writing is “good,” it is one of the most satisfying ways I have to express myself.  For such an outlet, I am grateful.”  Jennifer Bernstein-Lewis, Novato, CA

“Sharpie markers with perfect points.”  Laura Akers, Sparks, NV

“I got on the baseball team.”  Joey (10), Chicago, IL

“I got on the baseball team.”  Robert Kamuda (59), Kirkland, WA

I LOVE those two!

“Paper and pens and the stories I discover hiding in ink.”  Garry Halliday, Gracey, KY

“My husband’s strong hand to hold as we grow old together.”  Helen Luecke, Amarillo, TX

“I have begun to make peace with the Cosmic Joke; it’s always there, and I’ve started to remember to laugh – even when the punch line is me.”  Matthew Laurence, Gloucester, MA

“Fenway Pahk.”  Josh Gordon, Boston, MA

And finally,

“All of those gardeners who bury ugly bulbs in the fall, full of faith that their reward in the spring will be magnificent TULIPS, DAFFODILS, AND HYACINTHS.”  Arlene Hess, Vashon, WA

2 thoughts on “November’s Last Hurrah

  1. I like the sound of the farm scene for wallpaper…I always have one pic or another of Peanut for mine and it changes every few days as I take more pics. (Or maybe it changes because I’m A.D.D and get bored easily)

    I’ve enjoyed your 30 days of Thankfulness, It’s been fun seeing what you’ll come up with every day! Now, go curl up under a blankie and have some cocoa to stay warm!

    • Mmm cocoa! My daughter shared this new version – well she shared the idea of the new version – I’ve yet to try it. Anyway, you make cocoa and add the new marshmallow flavored vodka, top with whipped cream – wah la!

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