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A whole year

 I’m supposed to be writing a post to commemorate that my blog is one year old.  But it isn’t like a child’s or grandchild’s birthday. 

Happy Birthday Blog!

There aren’t any obvious milestones to celebrate.  The blog didn’t start walking after all, and it’s never going to eat solid food.  (Ssh!  Don’t say anything; it thinks it’s getting cake with a candle.)  On the other hand, I can recognize that after a year it’s still up, I’m still writing somewhat consistently, and I actually have repeat readers!  That’s pretty cool; especially since I never expected to have any readers!  That IS something to celebrate!  

I went back and read my very first post, Pleezedtomeecha!.  It says what a lot of bloggers say:  writing is therapy, and way cheaper.  So I have to ask myself, “Self, did you get any benefit from said writing therapy?”  And do you know what I replied?  Me neither. 

I’m not ready to declare it a success or failure.  I know I have felt better after drafting a post out of frustration, even when I haven’t actually published that post.  There are two I think which remain in draft form and will probably never see the light of the Internet.  They’re way too personal to share.  But writing them helped me.  It relieved the tension and allowed me to vent in safety.  So I guess if we’re looking at whether the blog is therapeutic as intended, then I’d have answer a resounding YES! 

Besides the healing properties of the blog, I’ve gained in other ways.  I’ve met some fellow bloggers who have become friends.  I got to meet one of them in person (waves at Grammy) and I’d like to meet the others if we can pull that off.  Put on your thinking caps ladies; maybe we need to do a bloggers’ long weekend somewhere relaxing, hmm?  Maybe a spa?  Some place equidistant from all of us so none of us has to travel farther than anyone else.  These are the kinds of things you muse upon when two of you are a country apart and the others are scattered about in the middle!  It would be so cool! 😀

What I’m really proud of though is that I’ve kept it up.  In the past when I’ve started a writing project I’ve given up when I hit a wall, encountered a plot complication or ran into writers’ block.  Hellooow – I have one unfinished novel and a bunch of short story starts, as well as some stupid poetry.  But not here.  Although I have been known to recycle the stupid poetry here when I need filler. 😕  Sure, sometimes I’ve had to go a few days without posting.  And then there was the whole surgery/no internet hiatus.  Or I posted something dumb just to be posting something.  But mostly I’ve continued my attempts to write and post REAL material.  No, it isn’t deep or dramatic…usually.  But it means something to me…usually. 

In closing, thank you so much for joining me on this adventure.  I hope you’ve enjoyed your time visiting my blog and I hope I can continue to entertain you.  I won’t promise enlightenment or education, though that could happen.  It could too!  Shut up. 

Happy birthday Blog!  No, I didn’t get you a cake with a candle.  How would you blow it out?  See?  We don’t need a candle.  What we need is a beer!  Or rather, a hard cider…with attitude!  Angry Orchard anyone?

You have to try this!

Today’s gratitude is all mine … I’m so very thankful for this place to vent, rant, count my blessings and most of all, find new friends.

5 thoughts on “A whole year

    • Hmm, Grammy would probably like that since she’s near there. That might be a bit far for Pam and Jo though. Like I said, this will take some finagling! 🙂

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  2. Hi! Thought I should drop you a comment or two because I featured you on my related post^^
    Happy Anniversary to your blog! Your story about your blog is cute and funny^^

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